Sneaker Styles: Why It’s All About the Laces


The sneaker industry is projected to be worth $102.73 billion by 2025. The industry sees massive growth every year as trends come and go and people want to build on their collections.

The reason sneakers are so popular is that they are a fashion staple. Even as fashion trends change, sneaker trends evolve to work with them. There is a lot of variation in sneaker styles, with different types of sneakers for different trends and aesthetics.

The basic definition for sneakers is lace-up shoes with rubber soles. There are three main categories of sneakers. Keep reading to learn more about the different sneaker styles you can wear!

High Tops

High tops are sneakers that end above the ankle. They usually end just a little above the ankle, but some have taken them all the way up to the knee.

High tops are less popular since they don’t work with as many different styles. One of the classic examples of a high-top sneaker is Converse.

They’re a great way to tie together a simple casual outfit. But they’re difficult to style with much else, so there isn’t a lot of investment and variation in these types of sneakers.

But if you do enjoy these sneakers as a staple of your style, there’s a lot of room to personalize them. Since there’s more material on the side, you can paint or embroider your own designs onto them.

And since the room for laces is also much wider, you can add color or design with statement lace choices. Check out these 40 inch shoelaces for inspiration.

Mid Tops

Mod-top sneakers end at your ankle, usually around your ankle bone. These are the most popular choice in sneaker fashion, so they have the widest range of variety in terms of styles, colors, and signature brand designs.

These sneakers have the most versatility because of this. Some are designed for working out, some are for leisure activities, and others are purely fashionable. This means that you’ll buy these sneakers with specific purposes in mind.

Recent years have seen a growing trend where the rubber sole of mid-top sneakers is getting bulkier and more eye-catching.

Low Tops

Low-top sneakers end below the ankle. These sneakers are a popular choice for practical everyday wear in casual settings. One of the most notable low-top sneaker brands is Vans.

Since there’s not as much material, the fashion of these shoes has historically gone one of two ways. Either the sole of the sneaker would be made more impressive, like adding a strip or making them platforms. Or the material would be made with a wide range of statement colors to contrast the thick platform.

Experimenting With Different Sneaker Styles

These are just a few of the sneaker styles you can play around with. Each type of sneaker style has some variety, so it’s easy to find something that works for you.

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