Simple Decoration Tips to Transform Your Bathroom into a Dream Space


Are you looking to overhaul your bathroom into your dream space? Or are you looking to enhance its visual appeal and transform it from its elementary look to something extraordinary? If so, then fortunately for you, there are limitless decorative ideas you can take advantage of to revamp your bathroom space. The better part is that you wouldn’t have to hire a remodeler or spend a massive outlay.

When people mention the idea of a bathroom remodel, more often than not, people jump to the idea of simply changing the color scheme. Others envisage adorning the entire bathroom with new tiles that could exceed their budgets.

But simple decorating ideas are meant to make the bathroom space more lavish, comfortable, and with an added touch of sophistication – and all that without spending much. That said, let’s explore some of the simple decorative tips to transform your bathroom into your dream space.

Hang a wall art decor in your bathroom :

In general photographs, canvas, photo prints, and other works that are professionally framed, with a sealed back, will fare well as bathroom wall hangings. Create a focal point by hanging pictures over the bathtub, towel racks or toilet. Don’t hang your art too close to the bar as it could get damaged every time you reach for a towels.

Introduce Pleasant Smells Into The Bathroom Using Diy Candles

If there is one thing for sure, you will use the bathroom at least once per day. Additionally, it is the space when you have to start the day and probably clean up before the day ends. So, it only makes sense to make it special. For most DIY bathroom décor ideas, it is expected that people obsess with the visual part of it and never really pay attention to the overall smell of the room.

Bathrooms are hotspots for offensive odors, and it is vital to keep that in check with regular cleaning – and what a better way to handle that than add one or two scented candles? Moreover, you can relax in the tub after work with lovely smells from the candle and feel energized.

Add A Bathtub Caddy For A More Relaxed Feeling

Install Stylish Faucet

Replacing a faucet to match other accessories in your restroom is a great way to elevate the space. Or, on the other hand, perhaps you’re installing another faucet to fix leaks and drips. Stylish bathroom faucets will give your bathroom the most desirable look if it’s currently looking out of date. For example, if you have a sink that you can’t afford to replace, simply replacing the faucets instead will provide you with the change you’re looking for.

Most bathrooms have standalone bathtubs. But you can decorate it to add more to the bathing experience by using reclaimed wood to add a caddy into the mix. With the caddy, you will have yourself a multipurpose space where you can put candles, a book, soaps, and even a glass of wine. Try this simple decorative trick, and your bathroom will feel like a whole renovation.

Install Dual Sinks

We have all probably been there already. A situation, especially in a busy household, where people do bathroom queuing. But having multiple sinks, not only two, will help out with the additional functionality, as well as giving your partner or family member some much-needed privacy. Dual sinks, with two sets of matte black tapware will set the stage for elegance and usability at the same time.

Install A Shelf In Front And Just Below The Bathroom Mirror

Mirrors can do magic to the bathroom. They add more space and surface where the room is limited. A flat mirror installed on the wall can be boring sometimes. But when complimented with a shelf underneath it, it can add tons of visual interest to the mirror.

Transform Your Light Fixtures

It is not necessarily cultural to be stuck with ugly bathroom light fixtures installed ever since the housing project was inhabited. Therefore, do a makeover on your bathroom ambiance to create a new and welcoming feeling and ditch the builder-grade fixture.

The Bottom Line

Bathroom transformation doesn’t have to be wholesale changes to the walls, accent, or the tiling system. It can be simple tricks like ditching the builder-grade bathroom mirror and replacing it with a rustic farmhouse framed mirror or having your light fixtures changed to create a unique color scheme. And by doing so, you don’t have to spend a lot, as we have already mentioned.