Serverwala Review: Cheap Dedicated Server China is Ideal for Your Website?


Mostly business owners are aware of shared and VPS hosting. These serve decently to small businesses but when it comes to big websites, these servers are just not enough. Nowadays, everyone is drifting towards online platforms in China due to the convenience which means online growth is absolutely certain.

To handle the ever-growing businesses, one needs to invest in technology which will benefit the business. So, a Cheap Dedicated Server China  from Serverwala can prove to be an ideal option for that. A dedicated server is dedicated to you and only you. You will get an absolute and robust environment for hosting your website. Keep reading to know more.

What Is Dedicated Server China?

A dedicated server provides an absolute isolated environment for hosting. If you opt for a dedicated server from Serverwala in China, it means you don’t have to share resources with any other client because there will be none. Yes! You heard it right. As the name suggests, a dedicated server is completely dedicated to a single client. It’s not like a shared server where you have to share resources with 100s of other clients.

If you want your website to grow quickly and you want robust performance from the servers you should definitely opt for a dedicated server. In other words, consider yourself owning a plot. It’s your choice if you want to make flats on it, a bungalow or leave it as farming land. You will be the boss of your property and you can use it as you want. So, a dedicated server gives you full control as well as a separated environment for hosting business.

When is a Dedicated Server China Needed?

There are several situations when you know that it’s high time to switch to a dedicated server from Serverwala in China. These days, due to so much traffic online, websites are always flooded and lead to over use of resources. To manage these things, we must switch to a technology which is robust as well as trustworthy for the future and i.e., a dedicated server from Serverwala. Below are the various situations which indicate you towards switching:

#1.Heavy traffic detection-

If the website is constantly having high amounts of traffic, then it is time to switch to a dedicated server from Serverwala in China, my friend. If you start a business these days, assume your website gets loads of footfall in a very less amount of time. I’m saying this because these days, online websites have grabbed high trust of their customers, which is a benefit for newly emerging online businesses. Due to this, people tend to open every online business link coming their way causing high traffic 24×7. So, this is a very important factor to consider.

#2.Many websites need to be hosted-

If you want to host multiple websites under your umbrella, you might need to change your old server to Serverwala dedicated server in China as it is ideal for your business. People generally invest in services looking at the price tag instead of features. Well, the fact of the matter is, the decision should be opposite. Definitely, people should keep a mental note of their budget, but if they compromise on features, it’s more likely that their money will be wasted.

Your requirements and specifications of the server should nearly match. If you want to host many websites, you should invest in something very robust like a dedicated server from Serverwala to meet the requirements.

#3.Heavy application to be hosted-

If you want to host heavy applications or complex coding, then you might need a dedicated server to fulfill the needs of your business. You can choose it from Serverwala in China.

When Do You Shift Your Business to Best Dedicated Server China?

It is important to keep a check on the server time-to-time. This is because you should know how your server is responding to your business website. Always keep the statistics in check. There are some end conditions when it’s time to switch to the Best dedicated server in China.

#.Traffic increase- Imagine your website growing like crazy in some time of launch. High amount of traffic, increased expectations and what not. To conquer that you need to invest in the technology that is robust, safe and trustworthy. Yes! We are talking about a dedicated server from Serverwala. It can easily handle all the traffic and the responsibilities adjoined with it.

#.Frequent downtime- If your website is facing frequent downtime, it is a clear indication that you need to upgrade your old server to a cheap dedicated server from Serverwala in China.

When you finalize to switch to a Serverwala dedicated server in China, it is important to know that it comes in two variants and those are, managed and unmanaged. As their name suggests, a managed server is fully managed. It is managed by the hosting service provider company whereas the unmanaged one is not managed by the service provider. You have to be in-charge there.

A dedicated server is a little bit pricier than other hosting options so people tend to opt for a cheaper version in that which is an unmanaged dedicated server hosting china. It comes with a hassle and requires dedicated attention. But if we talk about the managed one, there is no need for you in the handling but still you will be the boss of it.

About Serverwala

Serverwala is a renowned and established hosting service providing company in China. It has served 1000s of customers globally and the community is growing. Serverwala has won many awards for the services and loyalty it provides to its customers. Clients stay back as loyal customers once associated with Serverwala. With amazing services and 24×7 support, Serverwala stands out from other hosting providers in China. Serverwala has the best security features to safeguard your business in China.

If you want your website to grow exponentially in China at cheaper rates and better performance, you should definitely opt for a dedicated server hosting china from Serverwala.

Serverwala Best Dedicated Server China Plans

Serverwala has kept the needs and requirements of every client in check. It has different types of plans starting from $338 a month which is pretty cheap for a dedicated server in China. It comes in a plan package of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and a year. So, you can check out the Serverwala website in China.

Features of Serverwala Dedicated Server China

As I’ve told you earlier, Serverwala has the most amazing features regarding web hosting. It is an established service provider in China renowned by many. You can definitely invest in Serverwala as it will be ideal for your high functioning website. Some of the features of Serverwala are:

  • Root access- Companies claim that they are providing root control, but actually they are not. If Serverwala claims that it is providing root access means it does. The loyalty of Serverwala makes it stand out amongst the various service providers in China.
  • 24×7 customer help- Technology is technology after all, there are some glitches that you need help in. With Serverwala dedicated servers in China you will be backed up by the most amazing and skilled IT technicians who will not leave you at the time of need.
  • Uptime guarantee- Serverwala provides you service level agreement guaranteeing uptime and increasing visitor’s ratio. Uptime is very critical if we talk about web hosting especially in China. You may need to upgrade to a dedicated server hosting china from Serverwala if your old server is not providing you a generous amount of uptime.
  • Robust network- Serverwala Best dedicated server in China provides you a robust network as it has affiliation from various other leading internet exchange companies. So, you don’t need to worry about the A-class services that you are going to get.
  • Security- Serverwala Best dedicated server in China has the most amazing security features. As there will be no other client on your server that means no data breach, no security issue and no illegal/ unwanted activity. You can trust Serverwala dedicated servers in China without any doubt.


I hope that a little fog has been cleared and you’ve come near a decision. Don’t worry if you haven’t made up your mind. A little research won’t hurt. Take a book and pen, note down your requirements and needs, I’m sure you’ll find something very suitable in Serverwala China.

Keep a mental note of your budget and run it parallelly to your requirements. Don’t compromise on either of the two because both aspects are very important to consider. So, my friend, go checkout the Serverwala China website and find the best and cheapest china dedicated server hosting plan for your website.