Rubies vs Diamonds. Which one is the best?


Rubies vs diamonds are the two most popular jewellery and most valuable stones. The colour and durability of the ruby make it very attractive and eye-catching.

When you go for buying an engagement ring or jewellery, which gemstone comes to your mind? Diamond! A diamond is everyone’s best friend.

Are you Confused? Wondering which one to buy? In this blog post, we have compared rubies vs diamonds these features will help you in jewellery shopping.

Here are some of the facts about rubies and diamonds

  • Diamonds are formed from a single element called Carbon.

  • While diamonds are made from a single element- carbon, rubies are made from corundum, a crystalline form of aluminium oxide. They get their red colour from trace amounts of chromium that changes their colour.

  • The purity and value of a diamond depend on the clarity, cut, colour, and carat.
  • Rubies are found mostly in traditional jewellery and are super durable.
  • The bold and striking colour of ruby makes it eye-catching and are becoming more popular for jewellery.


The difference in colour between ruby vs diamond is highly noticeable. But it is really important to understand that colour plays a significant role while choosing between rubies and diamonds. The colour of rubies influences their value. The most valuable rubes vary from vibrant red to purplish-red. In the case of diamonds, it works differently. Coloured diamonds are more expensive than white or clear diamonds because they are rare. Clear diamonds have their colour grading scale.

Note: If the colour of ruby you choose is orangey or purplish, it is of less value.


Cut plays an essential role in gemstone’s sparkle. Rubies have mixed cut, giving it excellent sparkle. Diamonds have an excellent shine, which is why they are in demand. If the sparkle is important to your diamond, you can buy a diamond that has an excellent cut.


Brilliance in a gem means the light refracted and reflected from the facets. It is considered to be an essential factor that helps to determine the value of a ruby. One of the similarities between ruby vs diamond is that the cuts influence brilliance. Experts state that, if the diamond’s cut is too shallow, light escapes through the bottom and if the cut is too deep, light leaks from the opposite side of the diamond. Rubies and diamonds will the right level of brilliance are considered to be excellent and ideal for buying.


Ruby is the second hardest gemstone; diamond always tops the list. Hardness defines the resistance of a gemstone. When making the comparison of ruby vs diamond, we can state that diamonds are more resistant to scratching than rubies.


The significant difference between ruby vs diamond is the cut. Rubies are usually cut into ovals and cushions while diamonds are cut into round stones. However, both these stones are available in various other cuts.

Note: Since cutting a ruby round is very expensive, round-cut rubies are a little expensive, so they are not made available quickly.


Price is one of the most important things you need to know when you are planning to buy a ruby or diamond. Among all the coloured gemstones, rubies are costly. The prices differ and are not the same, all the time. Larger rubies are expensive than small rubies.

On the other hand, the price of the diamonds depends on clarity. If the clarity of the diamond increases, so does the value and vice versa. Large diamonds are super expensive and are rare in nature. Not only the size and the clarity but the quality of the diamond also determines the price.


Choosing between ruby vs diamond varies from person to person. But both are beautiful gemstones. Rubies are hard gemstones, so they don’t scratch easily. IF you are looking at the durability and value, diamonds are most recommended.

Which one is your favourite gemstone?

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