Renting an RV Near Me: How to Rent an RV


RV living is a unique experience that’s hard to get elsewhere. But it’s not possible for many people, with RVs being so expensive and taking up so much space. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t rent an RV to get a taste of the lifestyle yourself.

People are taking advantage of this industry too. Reports show that 82% of RV renters are people renting for the first time.

If you’re not ready to purchase an RV yet or don’t want to live full-time in one, it makes more sense to rent an RV. Keep reading to learn what it takes when renting an RV near me.

Find a Reputable Company

The most important part of picking RV rentals is to find a reputable company to rent from. You want a company that takes care of its equipment and customers. Here are a few tips to help you make your choice.

Company Reputation

Even if an unknown company offers excellent service, you won’t know for sure if there isn’t any feedback. You may end up renting from a poor RV rental company if you can’t see feedback from previous customers.

Try to stick with well-known companies when you rent an RV. Do research online to find the companies close to you and read the reviews from previous customers. You can use this information to find the most trusted companies out there.

RV Variety

There are many types of RVs available. You have something as small as campers that are easy to move around. You can also rent a full-size RV to get more space.

Here are some for you to consider:

  • Travel trailer
  • Camper
  • Pop-up trailer
  • Motorhome

Be sure to explore how much variety a renter has and if they have what you want. You can also check what brands they have, like Winnebago Sunstar, to see if they rent quality RVs.


Fees are the next thing to consider when looking for RV rental advice. You’re renting an expensive machine, so you’ll pay good money for the rental.

On top of that, you’ll need to look at how much mileage gets charged for your rental. Are you only responsible for filling the tank, or do you get charged for how much you drive?

Learn all the rental fees to determine your total cost for renting an RV.

Rental Policy

Every rental company has different policies for RV rentals. While you are granted permission to take an RV wherever you want, you aren’t allowed to do anything you want to the RV.

Be sure to check the policies of a rental company before using it. You want to ensure you can use the RV to meet your needs and check your limitations. This will help you avoid problems when you do something you shouldn’t and break a rental agreement.

Customer Service

Even if you work with the best RV rental company in the area, that doesn’t protect you from problems. Whether you have issues with an RV or need some other help from the company, you may need to contact someone to get support.

It’s a problem when you spend a ton of money on a rental and can’t reach anyone. Check how a company handles customer support and if it works for you.


You have a lot of risks when you rent an RV. You’re driving an expensive machine, and things can go wrong.

The question is, will you have coverage when that happens? You don’t want to be on the hook for RV damages or injuries to another person. Check to see if your RV rental company has insurance for the rental.

Tips for Picking an RV

Now that you know what to look for in a rental company, you need to learn how to pick the right RV for your needs. Read the RV rental tips below to learn more about making your choice.

Determine Your Preferences

Having preferences is critical when you start your search for an RV rental. There are many features that RVs come with, and some creature comforts you may not want to do without.

Be sure to examine what features RV has and what’s critical for your trip. You can look at individual RVs to figure this out or lay out what you absolutely need during your trip.

Find the Right RV Size

Size matters a lot with an RV. It may not be as big of a deal if you pull a smaller camper with your vehicle and plan camping. But if you plan to spend an extended time in a motorhome, you want enough space.

Learn what you can about the size options for your RV choices. Go into each vehicle to get a feel for how it feels and if you think the space will work for your needs.

Consider the Driving Experience

You may be intimidated when driving an RV for the first time. It’s an entirely different experience than driving a small car. You need to be more careful and make more calculated maneuvers.

The larger the vehicle is, the more significant issue this is. If you can, test larger RVs to see how you feel behind the wheel. You don’t want to rent a huge RV only to be unable to drive it because you’re uncomfortable behind the wheel.

Renting an RV Near Me: Start Your Search Today

Taking a trip in an RV is an exciting time. You have a place to live, spend time on the road, and explore new places. It’s no wonder that so many people are interested in RV living.

But RVs are expensive, so not everyone can purchase one for themselves. That’s why renting an RV near me is a great alternative. Take a trip to your local RV dealers to see what they can offer, and use the RV rental advice above to make the best choice.

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