Reasons You Should Visit a Sake Bar while in Singapore


Singapore is known for many things. Chinese food, multi-cultural society, and property prices are among the things that come to mind when someone mentions this country. The food on offer in Singapore is a reflection of its multi-racial society, with every kind of food you can imagine available.

Visiting the best Sake bar in Singapore is a must when you visit this country. Sake is a Japanese drink that is made from the fermentation of rice. It is a drink that is loved throughout Japan and has grown in popularity across the world. The following are the reasons you should visit a sake bar while in this country.

Variety of choice

Sake bars offer customers a wide variety of drinks to choose from, with each bar boasting its own collection of Sake-based drinks. Some will even hold “Sake Tastings”, where they introduce customers to new and old types of Sake. This is a great way to enjoy the drink and learn more about it too. The amazing thing about sake is that it can be enjoyed hot or cold. It also comes in a variety of flavors and strengths too, so there’s something for everyone when visiting a sake bar in Singapore.

Drinking Culture

Sake bars are not just about sake though. They’re part of an age-old culture that has grown around the drink. The social element is important too. It’s not just about the sake, it’s the experience of being with good company over a drink. Many bars are visited by both locals and tourists alike, giving one a chance to meet people from all walks of life. Long-time friendships have been forged over drinks at Sake bars in Singapore, so they really are a great place to mingle.

Local Specialities

Local dishes can be found at Sake bars too, with many bars serving up delicious Japanese snacks and meals. These range from sushi platters and yakitori sticks all the way to ramen and bento boxes. This is great for those who want a taste of traditional Japanese cuisine. It is also a great plan for friends and family to share the dishes with one another while drinking sake and making memories.

The Price

Perhaps the best reason to visit a Sake bar in Singapore is the price. Alcoholic drinks are expensive in this country, but not at Sake bars. You can expect to pay around $4 to $5 USD for a glass of Sake, which is incredibly reasonable. The average bottle of wine in Singapore costs around $30 USD and serves four people. A bottle of Sake can serve around 8-10 glasses and cost less than $20.

Sake bars in Singapore offer a great variety of drinks, from sake to cocktails and local specialties. They’re perfect for those who want to taste traditional Japanese cuisine, as well as meet new people and enjoy the company of friends. What’s more, they’re affordable with glasses costing $4-5 USD each. If you’re looking for a unique experience during your time in Singapore, then be sure to visit a Sake bar!