Promoting Your Site with SEO


Without traffic, your website cannot reach its peak potential. Luckily, you can use site promotion to get enough traffic.

What’s site promotion?

In simple words, website promotion is a continuous process in which website masters improve the content and exposure of a website to attract more visitors. It’s mainly a crucial part of the SEO strategy of any business, as it crowns all the effort that has been put into ensuring that the business’s website is able to perform competitively.

What’s the process of site promotion?

While there are different processes that are required during website promotion, we have made it possible for you to have an easy start by providing you with the tools that you will require. The Yola Dashboard and Sitebuilder should make it possible for you to accomplish all your goals from adding keywords to checking analytics.

What’s the significance of promoting my site?

The main relevance of promoting your website is the ability to increase traffic for the site. You can think of the technique as a free or cheaper method of advertising your good and/or services.

There are different online avenues that you can utilize for site promotion such as social networks, Google My Business, and even search engines to make the most out of your site promotion effort.

And taking into consideration that the internet makes it possible to reach a wider audience compared to conventional advertising, you might have a higher chance of success.

How to get started

There are various ways to get noticed by search engines and potential customers as well. Here are the best:

1. Make use of SiteWit

With SiteWit, it is possible for users to create campaigns that they can use as a method of advertising via search engines. As a platform that uses an automated bidding system and a wizard-based approach, all kinds of users should find it easy and comfortable to use.

2. Submit your website to search engines

While submitting your site to the three most commonly used search engines is not an automatic ticket to the top of Search Engine Result Pages, it alerts the engines of your site’s presence. You can spice up the idea by using XML sitemaps which will give search engine crawlers a summary of your website for better efficiency.

Since we include your site’s sitemap by default when publishing your website, it will be more love able by search engines.

3. Add more content as often as needed

Great content is one of the most crucial elements of Search Engine Optimization. By adding useful content to your website on a regular basis, you are:

  • Making it possible for search engines to visit your website more often for new and improved information
  • Giving visitors a reason to visit your site again for helpful content
  • Improving the search ability of your website based on keywords since there is enough content

Even though you have the freedom to choose the kind of content that you want to create for your website, it’s advisable that you focus on creating valuable content.

4. Utilize social networking fully

When used in the right manner, social networking can do wonders for your business. You not only get to promote your business, but you also get a platform to interact directly with potential customers and create rapport. In truth, ensuring that you are active on social media can pave way for earning backlinks.

5. Use Google Webmaster Tools to verify your site

One of the most effective ways that you can use to improve website traffic is to take advantage of Google Webmaster Tools to manage the indexing of your site. If you are not conversant with this technique, we have a tutorial that can guide you through it.

6. Use link exchanges to your advantage

In SEO-based ranking, links are a major consideration, which is why you should aim to enhance the number and quality of links to your site. When it comes to link quality, you would be targeting backlinks from authoritative websites.

However, taking into consideration that you don’t just earn backlinks, it’s a good idea to start with link exchanges. Once your website has grown enough, it won’t be difficult to get quality backlinks from recognized websites.

7. Create a blog

As one of the different ways to add quality content to your site, a blog can improve your chances of gaining traffic. The trick lies in ensuring that you always publish informative pieces on the blog so that visitors can find a reason to come back and even share the content.

Once you’ve set up your blog, you can use the Tumblr widget to add it to your website.

8. Use article directories to your advantage

One of the most effective ways to get links back to your website is to write amazing articles and submit them to article directories. What these directories do is that they accept non-paid article submissions for other people to read and publish on websites, blogs, newsletters, and other platforms.

Since you will have submitted an Author Bio and website link along with the articles that you write, those who publish your content will be expected to include the bio and link. And as their visitors read your articles, and become interested in knowing more, they can use the included link to visit your website.

9. Don’t underrate offline marketing

You may think that offline marketing is no longer as effective as it used to be, but it’s more about the techniques that you use as opposed to the type of marketing. Offline marketing is still effective as long as you do it right.

With that in mind, be sure to add your website information to brochures, business cards, and print media adverts.

Closing thoughts

Whatever kind of marketing you use, keep in mind that any strategy that can encourage a stable stream of traffic to your website is welcome. With more traffic, you should be in a better position to earn better rankings, which will enable you to earn even more traffic! This cycle will continue until your website reaches unimaginable levels.