A Complete Guide to Private Mobile Medical Units and How they are Revolutionizing Healthcare


Private Mobile Medical Units (MMU) are changing the way we think about healthcare. With these units, hospitals can be set up anywhere, even in rural areas that lack medical facilities. MMUs are making it easier for doctors and nurses to provide care in remote areas. This is especially important in developing countries where there is a lack of medical professionals.

In some rural areas, the local hospitals don’t offer high quality medical care. So, people might not be able to get to a doctor even if they want to. This makes it difficult for older people and those living too far away to get the care they need.

MMUs have been proposed as a feasible solution to cater to such people who cannot access healthcare facilities. In India MMUs are deployed by State Governments for Rural Healthcare and various Corporates also engages for healthcare firms as a part of their CSR initiative to serve the rural people and their wellbeing.

How do MMUs Work?

Experts from Ziqitza Healthcare ltd, leading healthcare firm in India, who manages MMUs units for corporate & Governments in India says, MMUs are a great way to offer medical care in remote areas.

They can be used for disaster relief, health clinics, or even as a mobile clinic in the event of a natural disaster. They have been used to help with the Ebola epidemic and are currently being used in Mexico to combat the Zika virus.

The Medical units are equipped with all the necessary equipment to provide care for any situation. The units come stocked with an ultrasound machine, X-ray machine, ECG machine and more.

These units are a form of ambulatory care equipped with the latest technologies with the same service as in hospitals. MMUs are similar to medical rooms / Clinics on wheels. These units have been shown to reduce rates of hospital readmission and length of stay, while also increasing satisfaction in patients who receive care from these units.

How the Private Mobile Medical Units Can Help?

MMUs can be used following cases:

  • It can help with disaster relief.
  • It can provide medical care to people who are not affiliated with any insurance provider.
  • It can help with rural health care.
  • It can help with primary health care services.
  • It can provide mobile clinics to those who need it most.

Mobile Medical Units & the Future of Healthcare

Private mobile medical units are becoming a more popular option for people who want a more personalized experience with their healthcare. These units offer the privacy of a private physician and an on-site lab and pharmacy, among other amenities. They also allow patients to avoid the long wait times and crowded waiting area and medical rooms that can be common in public hospitals.

The future of healthcare is looking bright, especially when it comes to patient care. With advances in AI, we may soon have machines that can diagnose diseases better than humans.