Planning a Road Trip? 3 Pro Tips for Driving Long Distance


In 2021, around 44% of Americans took a road trip in the summer, which shows we’re used to long distance driving.

There are often chances of detours during road trips. It can be any visit to a historical site, cultural programs, or trying new cuisines; driving on your own ensures that you will not miss anything. You can stop by any place in different countries or cities while traveling. So, an international drivers license will be beneficial in many ways.

Road trips are a fantastic way of discovering new cities, bonding with loved ones, and saving money on flights. But there is an etiquette to follow so you and your passengers are safe. Perhaps you’re new to driving long distance and you’re looking for tips to guide you.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 3 tips to help you.

  1. Keep Hydrated and Fed

One of the top tips for driving long distances is keeping hydrated and fed. Although coffee is great for staying focused, make sure you sip water throughout the drive. If not, you’ll be dehydrated and won’t feel energized enough for driving long distances.

You should also have a steady stream of healthy snacks, especially if you don’t have time for multiple rest stops. Graze on fresh fruit and nuts so you’re focused for an extended period. As a general rule, avoid overloading on carbs or snacked packed with refined sugars as you’ll feel sluggish and less alert, which is a major no-no with long distance driving.

  1. Plan Your Rest Stops

Not sure how to drive long distances? Then, schedule ahead so you can pepper rest stops throughout your journey. This is especially important if you’re traveling over multiple days.

As a general rule, you should take a small break every two hours so you can stretch your legs and get fresh air. If you’re not sure how to schedule this, then base this around mealtimes or give yourself a break when you reach an interesting town or landmark. \

If you’re still struggling with driving safely in bad weather, then look here for more. You might need to look for accommodation that’s clean and comfortable overnight. This is a great way to wait out the weather, feel refreshed, and be ready for your next long day of driving.

  1. Keep Passengers Entertained

One of the top long distance driving tips is to keep your passengers entertained. Have a list of audio books or podcasts ready so you learn while you drive.

You should also ask your loved ones to document the journey. They could snap photos of the mesmerizing views or your favorite meal and upload them to Instagram as a great way to commemorate the trip. Also, compile videos for YouTube or buy a small souvenir from each place.

Further, play games to keep everyone entertained. Sure, you may not be able to join fully, but your buddies play card games or road trip classics like “I Spy” to pass the time.

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Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re more comfortable about driving long distance.

Make sure you stay hydrated and load up on healthy snacks like nuts or fruit to keep you energized. You should also find great accommodation, plan frequent breaks, and find the best entertainment options for your loved ones. Have fun!