Pilates for Abs: 3 Gut-Busting Moves To Add to Your Routine


Though actors and sports stars make it look easy, it takes the average person over a year to achieve six-pack abs. As well as hitting the gym, you need to lower your body fat, reduce calories, and increase your protein intake.

If you’re going to spend so much time working on your abs, you may as well make it fun! Many people use pilates for abs and are very happy with their results.

Not only are pilates moves for abs varied and effective, but you can also do them from the comfort of your own home.

So, which pilates for abs exercises will help you reach your workout goals? Here are some of the best pilates for abs moves you can try today.

  1. Criss Cross

This pilates for abs exercise doesn’t only target your abdominal muscles but your obliques, too. Plus, it stretches out your spine which is something everyone should do more.

Lie flat on your back and bring your knees underneath your chin. Put your hands behind your head at the top of your neck. Let your elbows stay wide and tuck your chin into your chest so that your shoulder blades curl upwards a small amount.

To start the movement, bring one knee up across your body and move the opposing elbow to meet it. As you do this, stretch the other leg out straight as low as you can. Hold it for one to two seconds and return to the center.

Repeat this exercise seven times on both sides.

  1. Teaser Trainer

For this move, you will need a pilates trainer as this is one of the pilates ring exercises for abs.

Sit on the floor with both hands holding tension cables in front of you with your legs bent. Lean backward as you bring both legs up straight, pointing your toes and raising your legs as high as you can. Use the tension cables to keep your balance.

Hold your legs as long as you can before bringing your knees back in.

  1. Can-Can Move

This is a simple pilates for legs and abs and is ideal for beginners.

Sit on the floor, leaning back with your arms to your sides (but a little behind you) to help you hold your balance. Keep your chest raised to the sky.

When you’re ready, raise your legs so they hover only a couple of inches above the floor. Then, raise them toward the right side, hold them, and bring them back down. After that, do the same on the left.

Repeat this exercise on both sides seven times. It should look like you are doing the can-can with both legs while sitting down.

These Pilates for Abs Workouts Will Shake You to Your Core

Using pilates for abs exercises and for improving your core muscles is a surefire way to reach your body goals. Be consistent, switch up your moves, and you’ll have a rocking body and super strength in no time.

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