How to resolve [pii_email_e8e1512fbfd8bcd2915a] error message?


It would be frustrating to see the error message [pii_email_e8e1512fbfd8bcd2915a] while working on an important project. It will slow down your production and consume more time in executing a certain task. With no other options, you have to face the error and try to find the solution to fix the problem to get back to work.

If you are working for the corporate and error occurs on your office computer, your IT team would help you get rid of this issue. If the error [pii_email_e8e1512fbfd8bcd2915a] occurs on your home computer, then you may have to deal with it on your own.

Hiring the repair guy for every error could be expensive and may take time to get the repair guy to your home and fix this issue. We have identified the solution to this error. Continue reading the article to understand the actual problem and solve the error instantly.

What is the cause of the error [pii_email_e8e1512fbfd8bcd2915a] on windows computer?

Here are list of the identified caused behind the error message [pii_email_e8e1512fbfd8bcd2915a] on the computer:-

1) Corrupt file is the culprit of the error message. The windows computers are filled with thousands of operating files. It is common to get some of the files corrupted. When the vital files are corrupted, they will reduce the function and indicate the users’ error message.

Every message is the part of the files that shows what and where the problem occurs. The error message is not easy to comprehend. It can only read by the experts, so spending time understanding the message would be futile. You should only focus on an easy repair guide.

2) Multiple accounts on the same computer causes security issues on the outlook where the security system halts the login authentication process. The software might think the two different persons are accessing the secure data, so it will start blocking all the outlook activities.

3) Two email software is run on the same computer also cause the error [pii_email_e8e1512fbfd8bcd2915a] on the system. When the two email software interacts with each other, both will find it an issue of vulnerability.

As soon as the software detects the other application using a similar path for the data process, such as sending and receiving the emails, the applications restrict the activities to avoid data theft. You will encounter the error while using the Outlook email if another application runs in the background.

What is the solution to fix the [pii_email_e8e1512fbfd8bcd2915a] outlook error message?

  • Disable the email account and restart your computer. If there is any corrupt file in the computer, the reboot process will fix the error and get the software back to normal. Windows reboot process identifies the non-working files and replaces them with the new file by downloading them from the server.Ensure that you are connected to high-speed internet. Some outlook files are heavy, so they may need fast-speed internet to download the files from the Microsoft server.
  • Logout from the multiple Outlook accounts on the same computer. The two accounts produce vulnerability on the email data. After you log out, clean the cache and, if possible, restart the computer, so if your account has background cache files, it will be deleted after the reboot.
  • Use windows auto repair tool to diagnose the computer for any error. As soon as you start the diagnosis process, your computer will get back to the normal process by clearing any error in the computer. If the issue persists after the diagnose is complete, move to the next step.
  • Virus impact could be one of the reasons why your outlook is showing the error. Run the antivirus software or the windows defender software to clean the unwanted files. If there is any file producing conflict between the files, it will be removed by the antivirus software.
  • Uninstall the Outlook software and download the latest version from the official website of Microsoft. The uninstall process removes all the corrupted files and virus-affected files from the computer. The installation will begin with a fresh start where no files will be corrupted. Choose the latest version while installing the outlook on your computer.
  • Non-compatible computer hardware or operating system. The outlook is required a specific type of hardware and operating system to run the essential process. If your operating system runs on the older version, the outlook will find it difficult to process the task.You may have to upgrade your computer hardware and operating system to match the requirement of the software. Check the hardware and software requirements of the latest version of the outlook.