How to fix [pii_email_e5cd1a180e1ac67a7d0e] Error Code?


If you are an outlook user and use the email service of Microsoft every day during work, then you may have encountered the error code [pii_email_e5cd1a180e1ac67a7d0e] on your screen. The error has been incurred in your system due to some bad applications run by Microsoft outlook software.

The error indicating the outlook software is missing some vital files. The files are either corrupted or having a compatibility issue with other software applications available on your computer. The error code would restrict you from sending and receiving the email. Therefore, the error needs to be corrected to fix the problem and regain control over your outlook account.

Why does [pii_email_e5cd1a180e1ac67a7d0e] Error Code occurs? 

It is important to know what caused the error in your outlook email software. Understanding the problem would help you to avoid the same mistake again. There will be several reasons why your outlook is not performing as desire. The key highlight of the error [pii_email_e5cd1a180e1ac67a7d0e] is mentioned below. Read them carefully to avoid similar mistakes again while using the outlook in the future.

1) People generally face the problem when they first time install the application or update the outlook to the new version. The installation process requires high-speed internet. If your network facility is disconnected during the installation, there will be a chance that the application would miss some of the important files.

The missing file would cause the entire outlook software to collapse with the error message. Outlook needs a complete package of the files to run smoothly. Small changes in the core files would result in an error. You may experience the error message [pii_email_e5cd1a180e1ac67a7d0e] popups while using the Outlook software.

2) Another reason for the error message [pii_email_e5cd1a180e1ac67a7d0e] is use of multiple outlook account on the same computer. When the user tried to use more than one account on a single pc, they have to log in and logout the id whenever they want to access the account. The activity blocks the core functions of the outlook, making it produce the [pii_email_e5cd1a180e1ac67a7d0e] error message while using it.

3) The error would produce in the outlook when there is more than one email service provider software installed on the same computer. The email service works similarly to all the software available in the market. It creates an issue when you are using the multiple email service provider to send and receive the email.

The windows operating system is not able to process the data of both the active application at the same time. As a result, one application generates the error message, and the other get the priority to send the message. In this case, your outlook lacks the essential features, and it produces an error message while using it.

How to fix [pii_email_e5cd1a180e1ac67a7d0e] Error Code?

Every software generates an error once in a while. There is always a solution to fix them and get your system back to normal. Some errors might take time to get resolved, but eventually, you will find the solution to fix them.

The [pii_email_e5cd1a180e1ac67a7d0e] Error Code would require few steps that you have to consider while fixing them. They are easy to apply and don’t require technical knowledge. Follow the given methods and apply them one by one to solve the problem.

1) Remove alternate email software:

Logout from all other email accounts other than outlook from your system. There are chances that both applications are having a compatibility issue. When you run both the application at the same time, the core function of the software gets merged. Occupying the space and creates conflict between them both, resulting in the error message.

2) Use a single email account:

The user who has logged in to two different accounts on the same computer system should logout from the account, and use only a single account to access the outlook. This will solve the conflict between two outlook account and the error [pii_email_e5cd1a180e1ac67a7d0e] will disappear.

3) Clean Cache and Cookies:

Old cache and cookies are the culprits of various types of system issues. When the old cache meets to new software, often it produces an error message. The old cache files would not be able to read by the new software, hence they would not able to access the vital information and shut down the process. The error message [pii_email_e5cd1a180e1ac67a7d0e] could be reason of the old cache or cookies. Cleaning them would allow the software to build updated cache files that suits the need of the application.

Apply the given solution to solve the [pii_email_e5cd1a180e1ac67a7d0e] Error Code of outlook, and regain the access to your email account.

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