How to solve [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71] Email Error


Is the email error [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71] creating a hindrance in sending and receiving emails while using Microsoft Outlook? If yes, then it is the right time to fix it. The main advantage is that solving these errors is not so time-consuming and can be fixed in a few simple steps, affecting the Microsoft Outlook application’s functioning.

There might be chances that this error [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71] occurs on the screen when you are installing the application, sometimes when the installation is completed or when you are using the application.

If the email error [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71] popup occurs, it just means that your application is not installed correctly.

Here in this post, we have mentioned the various reasons for this error and different methods to fix it.

Main reason for [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71] Microsoft Outlook Email Error

  • Microsoft Outlook isn’t installed as expected on your PC or laptop, which results in [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71] error to get shown on your screen.
  • The MS Outlook email error [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71] shows up on the screen when the application is not installed correctly or used the old version of Outlook.
  • If you are using more than one email client, then the Microsoft Outlook application crashes with the different email applications installed on the desktop.
  • When using the Microsoft Outlook application and not the web version, then the email error [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71] might occur.
  • The cache and cookies in the browser can also result in the [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71] email error.

4 Ways to fix email error [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71]

Finding the right reasons for the email error is very important and difficult at the same time. Here in this section, we have mentioned the four simple steps to fix up the issues of mistake:

First technique to fix mistake [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71]: Update of the Microsoft Outlook application

Not using the updated version of the Microsoft Outlook application can be the main reason for the glitch.

  • Check if your PC has the most recent version of Outlook. If it is not updated, then update your Outlook to the latest version. Download the update from Microsoft Outlook’s official website.
  • Do not worry; updating the application will not delete any of your data.
  • Once you have updated the application, go ahead and restart your PC and check if the error occurs again.

Second method to fix [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71]: Clearing the cache and cookies

Clearing the cache and cookies is another simplest to fix the email error [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71].

  • The first step is to go to “File,” “Options,” and look for the option “clear cache and cookies.”
  • Log out of all the Microsoft Outlook account.
  • Restart your computer, log in to the Microsoft Outlook account, and check if the email error is fixed.

If you are still facing the error, you can try the other methods that we are going to discuss.

Third method to fix blunder [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71]: Choose the Microsoft Troubleshooting option

The Troubleshooting Center option is available on all the computers. It is programmed to scan and fix the error automatically.

  • Check the details about the software by going to the Control Panel.
  • Open the Office 365 application and choose the Microsoft application for scanning.
  • Select the type of fix that is required.
  • Click on the fix and follow the steps available on the screen.
  • Once you have scanned and fixed the error, restart the application.

Fourth method to fix error [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71]: Uninstall third party email applications

Unknowingly or knowingly, there are chances that we have more than one email application downloaded on the system. If yes, then there are chances that you might be facing [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71] email error.

  • [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71] error might occur due to a clash between two email application.
  • If you want to use Outlook without any hindrance, all you need to do is uninstall your PC application.
  • Once you have deleted the other third-party application, open the Microsoft Outlook application and check if the error is fixed.

Take away

Microsoft Outlook application is one of the best email applications that everyone across the world uses for professional and personal use. There are times that you might face errors. One of the most common errors you might face while using the application is [pii_email_b5d6fd6c19739e249b71]. There are many reasons for the errors and different ways to fix them. Follow the steps mentioned to get rid of the email error.

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