Notable Products Created By Injection Molding


Plastic is everywhere we look. It is a common material of choice in making a significant number of things we need and use in our daily lives. A quick scan around your house, and you will find different objects made from plastic. The products were created via a process called plastic injection molding.

From the techy smartphones and laptops to the mundane food containers we use, countless products are manufactured using this method. That is why plastic injection molding is the primary technique used in making many of the everyday items we use. Some of the productions we are talking about include:

  • Car Interiors: Many of your vehicle’s interior features are injection molded plastic parts. The window controls, cupholders, door bins, dashboard, vents, radio buttons are more are made from the injection molding process. Car manufacturers also use plastic injection molding to make exterior vehicle parts like roof racks, bumpers, light lenses, door handles, hub caps, etc.
  • Children’s Toys: Kids love toys, any of which are plastic. Barbie dolls, Lego, RCs, you name them – they are injection molded products. Manufacturers opt to use plastic to make various goods because it is durable, waterproof, easy maintenance, inexpensive, and versatile material.
  • Medical Devices: A significant number of medical devices used in the healthcare industry are made from plastic injection molding. Given the need for hygiene and safety, the products are manufactured with care and precision to serve their purposes efficiently. That is why some of the plastic injection molded medical devices are cheap to produce. The process also makes it possible to create lightweight, versatile, and sanitary products. Find out more about Plastech Group medical device manufacturers.

It is evident that injection molding is ideal for efficiently manufacturing a vast range of plastic products at reduced costs. It is a process that can benefit businesses in the following ways:

  1. Common, Easy To Source, And Inexpensive

If you consider the labor costs of manufacturing products, the injection molding process is a cost-cutting option that manufacturers can automate for increased efficiency. It will need minimal supervision and oversight. You can program your machines with reproducible conditions that you can easily replicate.

Therefore, the three are the most resounding benefits your company might enjoy from going the plastic injection molding.

  1. Very Fast Production

Injection molding is the ideal technique when creating plastic products in bulk. It is the most recommendable because of the production speed with parts produced in mere seconds, making the process fast and cost-efficient.

Such a quick pace means that your company can save time on its production process, resulting in fewer labor costs with substantial output profits.

  1. Extremely Efficient Process

The injection molding methods have minimal waste while efficiently utilizing the raw materials needed for production. The excesses are recycled into the molding machine to produce new plastic parts. The molds might be expensive, but the costs can be recouped when production is underway.

The amount you recoup can be ten to twenty times when you run a large-scale operation. The labor costs are almost negligible. The results are precise products that do not require trimming, meaning few to no rejects linked to human error.

  1. Looks Good Straight Out Of The Mold

The products made from casting require finishing. But the results are different when you use plastic injection molding. What you produce will come out looking perfect right out of the mold.

  1. Highly Robust Components

With this type of plastic molding method, you can add fillers/additives to a molded part using the injection phase of the process. You can use this to reinforce the production to make your products stronger and durable.

  1. It Is Customizable Process

When you talk about efficiency, part of this entails customizability. The injection molding technique has numerous customization options making things easier when deciding who to implement it in your production. It means the range of what’s possible using this molding method is vast.

For instance, manufacturers can pick from an extensive spectrum of materials and colors. And assuming you have different design options, you also get exceptional flexibility in implementing the injection molding method in your design and production.

Moreover, you are not limited regarding the types of plastic you can use in your operation. You can co-inject plastics allow your production line to churn out two different plastic types when producing the same or other components.