New Lawn Installation Service Vancouver for Lush Yards


Many homeowners find their emotions warm when they see a brand new, beautiful green lawn. It is an investment of considerable effort with above average returns: improved curb appeal as well as a yard free of excessive muck and filth. The most popular method of establishing a new lawn is sod laying, while turf and grass planting are also viable possibilities.

Regardless of the approach, installing a new lawn might first appear expensive and daunting. People frequently ask, “How much does a freshly installed lawn cost?” In response, the price range for a new lawn is from $1,057 to $2,946, with a median price of $2,001.

Your selection of installation technique, required quantity and kind of sod or seed, labor costs, and prep work will all have a significant impact on the final cost. Although planting seed or laying sod over a whole yard is a big task, the rewards of your hard work make the effort of a Lawn Installation Vancouver team worthwhile.

Elements to Consider When Estimating a New Lawn’s Cost

Several elements affect the cost of installing sod or planting seeds, and these considerations affect almost every homeowner who plans to repair their lawn. The amount of sod to purchase depends on the dimensions and form of the yard, in addition to the kind of sod, the state of the yard, the amount of prep work required, and the cost of labor and delivery.

No matter the cost, the point of a new lawn installation is to achieve the best-looking yard for the lowest possible price. This is going to vary based on several conditions. To find out how much sod or other grass replacement options will cost, continue reading this article.

What Is the Price of a New Lawn?

Size and Form of the Yard

You must estimate the entire area that you wish to lay sod because sod prices are based on the total area of the yard. It is advisable to include a 10-percent contingency to ensure that you have adequate materials, as it becomes challenging to boost a sod order once it has been cultivated and transported.

The average cost of purchasing sod alone, without installation, is from $0.35 to $0.85 per square foot. Since most homes have a yard that is around ⅕ acres (8,712 square feet), buying sod for the yard may run you at least $3,050.

It might be difficult to determine the whole area of certain yards. To guarantee that the proper quality of sod is bought, an additional measurement is necessary for lawns with circular edges or irregular shapes that have a lot of landscaping.

Additionally, cutting and shaping the sod into uneven shapes takes longer. This also applies to any hills or slopes in the grass. To compensate for the additional surface area, more sod is required; the sod installer may determine the precise quantity after doing a thorough walk through of the property.

Way of Installation

It is important to note that there are several methods for laying a new lawn, including hand planting, hydro seeding, sodding, and artificial grass installation, when estimating the cost of a new lawn. The expense of hand seeding, which involves scattering grass seeds (check here for more information) across the ground, ranges from $400 to $1,600.

For $500 to $4,000, a lawn can be hydro seeded using a liquid blend of seed, mulch, nutrients, and water. Installing artificial grass is the most costly of all, costing $6 to $20 per sq ft, however, it also takes the least amount of upkeep. Laying sod has a larger average price range, ranging from $450 to $4,520.

Variety of Grass

There are a few varieties of grass that are most appropriate for your climate, according to where you reside. Certain grasses can withstand the intense foot activity of youngsters and teenagers, while others thrive in dry climates or with minimal irrigation.

The most popular kinds of grass are centipede, zoysia, Kentucky bluegrass, Bermuda, and fescue. The easiest approach to choosing the appropriate kind of sod that fits your needs is to speak to an experienced sod installation business. Sod is frequently sold by the pallet, costing between $150 and $450 for each unit.