Microsoft Office 2016 Torrent – Details You Need to Know!


Download Microsoft Office 2016 and avail yourself with free keys and torrents.

This article deals with complete details on Microsoft Office 2016 torrents, new features, the process to download, activation keys, uses, and functions.

To begin with, you must know what is Microsoft Office 2016 torrent.

What is Microsoft Office 2016 Torrent ?

You can download the Microsoft Office 2016 Torrent from sites like The Pirate Bay. You can look at the files that have the Product Key that will help you unlock all the major features of the software suite.

Microsoft Office 2016 Torrent is a free version of Microsoft Office. Developed and released in July 2015, this software offers an updated version to its users now. ( details of which are discussed later in this article).

Furthermore, Microsoft Team has added new and advanced features to Ms. Office for enhancing its performance. Users on a worldwide level use Ms. Office for word processing, presentations, and spreadsheet tasks.

Which languages does Microsoft Office 2016 Torrent support?

Microsoft Office 2016 supports Arabic, Danis, Dutch, English, Finnish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Difference between the old and new version of MS Office 2016 Torrent

The earlier version of MS Office contained only the ‘Microsoft Office 2016’ file. This file was used in all Microsoft Word 2016 spreadsheets which were compatible with the windows operating system.

The new version of Ms. Office 2016 is considered the main type of spreadsheets. This new version of Ms. Office is compatible with different operating systems. These operating systems include XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 10. It can also run smoothly on Mac operating systems.

Furthermore, users of Ms. Office 2016 torrent can open, edit, create as well as save files directly in the cloud from Windows PC.

How to Download MS Office 2016?

Microsoft Office is considered to be one of the most useful office software available in the business market today.

To download the Microsoft Office software, you can head on to several websites available on the internet. Those websites allow you to download the applications directly onto your P.C. without spending even a penny from your pocket.

However, such websites will give you access to this product only for a limited period. After that duration, you will have to purchase it again.

You can download from Microsoft Office from Microsoft Official website.

MS Office 2016 Torrent: Activation Key

MS office 2016 torrent is now available with Activation key. This activation key confirms the complete activation of MS 2016 torrents.

Users can purchase Product keys via Microsoft online. This Product key allows its users lifetime full access to all features.

You can, as a student, benefit the most out of Product key. You can easily download MS office 2016 torrent’s full version for free. Activation keys are 100% accurate. New features in Mac counts in an updated user interface support Retina Display and Ribbons.

Microsoft office 2016 Torrents: Types of Product keys











Microsoft Office 2016 Torrent: Key features

Ms. Office 2016 has the following top 10 features/ functions :

  • It is supportable in Mac Devices
  • Theme variants installed for PowerPoint Presentation
  • A limited support for collaboration services with Mac
  • Real-time presence and proper grammar checker facilities
  • MS office 2016 has improved power pivots
  • Quick access to creation and saving of files
  • Insertable images for EPS file format
  • Updated dark gray Theme for its users
  • An added feature i.e. Black theme/layout
  • Light gray theme has been eliminated from Ms. Office 2016 torrents.

Apart from these 10 features, Microsoft Office 2016 also has many added features such as macros accessibility, the addition of an integrated office address book, adding the integration office calculator.

Furthermore, MS office torrents provide its uses with a hassle-free interface for viewing and editing various documents.

Microsoft Office 2016 Torrent: Zero Investment access to Excel, PowerPoint and Word

You can import data from various platforms such as WordPress, Excel, and PowerPoint on zero investment with Ms. Office 2016 torrent.

Users over Ms. Office 2016 do not have to undergo any tedious process for the creation of documents in original format.


I’m sure by now you are well aware of a brief idea on Microsoft Office 2016 torrents. The bundle offer advantages of this application have made it business–friendly. You can download it now and enjoy the added-on features.