Mastermind Rogue 5e: Know About this in Detail


Are you a Dungeon and Dragon user? If yes, then you will know that it comes up with the latest edition i.e. Mastermind Rogue 5e. Started from a board game and now dungeon and dragon becomes one of the popular games in countries like the U.S.A and many more.

The age group is not restricted to the teens as even young adults also liking this game. There are many editions released of this game but with the latest edition, the game grabs some attention from the audience.

In this article, we will know about the latest edition of the game and why is it attracting so much attention from the audience. So let’s get started

What is Mastermind Rogue 5e?

People who are D&D users know about this edition but if you are unaware of this new Mastermind Rouge 5e, then it is the strangest creature in the whole dungeon and dragon game. Mastermind is like a spy who sweet talks with his enemies and gathers the secrets and identity them.

A spy in the role-playing game is something every player wants and because of its abilities, this character is even more demanding and like by every user. So let’s see some of the mastermind’s abilities.

Abilities and special features of the Mastermind Rogue 5e

As the character is getting recognized, users are happy with its abilities and features which make this character a demanding one. Imagine being a criminal in a game with no rules and you can extract the information from the person without their knowledge and then stab them with a knife. Sounds cool, right?

We will discuss some of the abilities of the mastermind character in detail.

       1. Master of Intrigue

When you decide to choose this archetype at level 3, then you gain skill with kits like disguise kit, forgery kit, and gaming set too. You can have the option to learn any two languages which you can use to speak to the creatures and other native people for one minute.

With this ability, you can easily blend in with people and they will let to pass as they think that you are a native speaker of their land.

      2. Master of Tactics

When you reach the 3rd level, you will a bonus action which you can use with the help of Help action. So when you use the Help action to help your teammate attacking a creature, then the range of the attack increases. Now the attack will be within 30 feet of you rather than 5 feet.

     3. Insightful manipulator

The best thing about mastermind characters is that they can gather the information of other characters without acknowledging them. With the help of this feature, at level 9th if you spend at least 1 min interacting or observing any other creature outside the combat, then you can have information about them.

The dungeon master will tell you if the creature is equal, inferior or superior to you. The comparison will be done according to these characteristics.

  • Class level
  • Wisdom score
  • Intelligence score
  • Charisma score

    4. Misdirection

Mastermind can manipulate other characters also. At the beginning of the 13th level, you can make other creatures suffer an attack that was meant for you. If you are marked by an attack, then the creature which will be there within 5 feet of you will give you cover, and then you can use your reaction so that the creature will fall for you.

    5. Soul of Deceit

In the 17th level, your character’s got the power in which your mind won’t be read by any telepathic character. It means that the thoughts on your mind will be saved and they can read your mind if you allow them. You can put some false thoughts in your mind and make them confused.

Also, you will be immune to the magic and no magic will be able to force you to tell the truth or the thoughts that come in your mind.

Because of these abilities and features of the new character i.e. Mastermind Rogue, this character is in demand and changes the scenario of the Dungeons and Dragon game.

Should you play Mastermind Rogue 5e?

In certain cases, playing mastermind is cool as there are many flavors to work on. On the other hand, its features work surely geared towards a game, which is extremely grim on the RP wall.

As compared to other games like Bard, it seems pretty weak. For instance, if you have four players just passing them checking phones and getting bored, try including them in Mastermind situations and show the mastermind abilities.

Undoubtedly, Mastermind Rogue 5e has only two abilities you can use in combat. Imagine your game has gone from level 2 to level 17; the freshness of tricks likely wear slight by level 10. But with the best subclass can complement the game and enhance its features.

The mastermind has all the prompt features to give you a great return with all its features and abilities.

What is the best build for a mastermind rogue?

The best build for rogue D&D 5e for the mastermind build is choosing the race that benefits both Dex and Cha. More you will need to know as follows:

  • Selecting half-ef with 2x+1 and +2 to cha, skills, and dark vision are the smart choices.
  • Dispater -+1 Dex, +2 cha, and some fun spells & fire resistance
  • Variant human uses +1 Dex 1 cha to generate the magic and enjoy some fun using minor illusion.
  • Lightfoot halfling- +2 dex +1 cha can move or hide behind the folk

Take Away

So, that’s all, and you should know about Mastermind rogue 5e.

You have read about its abilities, features, and its major build that help you become a mastermind in the game. We have hit all the points that gamers want to know about D&D 5e.

If this post found helpful for you, share your thoughts in the comment box.


Are mastermind rogue 5e good quality?

Mastermind is good or bad; it’s simply up to you.

If we compare mastermind rogue 5e with the bard, it is weak. There are pretty cool social abilities, but playing on swashbuckler feels like having the same deception though being in battle.

Besides, it is a great archetype, and its pairs very well with glamour or fighter forge or whispers bard. In this game, the words play as your weapon and knives are poison, and having secrets and favors are pretty good treasures.

What book is Mastermind Rogue in?

The book- Xanthar’s Guide to Everything
Mastermind has come with its new archetype, D&D 5th edition.

How to play Mastermind Rogue 5e?

Mastermind is a room full of fighters, rangers, and paladins. The mastermind rogue 5e is the new archetype based on the book ‘Xanthar’s Guide to everything.’ At the start, you will find two abilities that work for you in multiple ways.

The more you explore, the game will become exciting, and you would explore the new characters from level 6.

Is mastermind a good subclass?

The mastermind is designed especially to being around talking characters. The best subclass is choosing the character or subclass the suits with your creativity and run with the same. The most recommended subclass is Arcane Trickster Scout, their subclasses.

But the only matter here is you should have fun, no matter what subclass you have because you know you are rogue.

What is the mastermind archetype?

These people are intellectuals’ that like to work on ideas. They are highly self-assured, positive, and enjoy problems in-depth and find solutions. However, their entrepreneurial nature allows them to jump on onboard and work with them.

Who are the fighter subclasses?

Here is the list of the top fighter subclass.
• Eldritch knight
• Samurai
• Cavalier
• Battle master
• Champion
• Gunslinger
• Arcane Archer
• Rune Knight

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