Can Male Chastity Cause Weight Loss?


It is no secret that male chastity requires self-restraint. This self-restraint then opens you to a world of possibilities for self-improvement. The idea of male chastity weight loss became popular as people began to consider investing their time and energy into more efficient and productive ventures.

The reason is pretty simple. When a man is no longer motivated by physical desires, he can put his mind to a lot of different things. And weight loss is one of the ways of self-improvement that is sought after by chaste males.

An unfit body or a couple of extra pounds often affect your body shape and in turn, your self-esteem. This can cause tension in your relationship, irrespective of whether it is a vanilla or D/S one.

Hence using male chastity weight loss technique, one can gather the required motivation to get into your desired body shape and reach your personal weight loss goal.

How to Get Started?

Before taking on your male chastity weight loss plan, make sure your partner and you are on the same page and there is clear consent from both sides. Anyone who is incentive driven, which is all of us, can benefit from this. There are a couple of ways to go about it.

One can choose to reduce their overall uptake of food with strict dietary restrictions. In addition, you can hit the gym harder and lift those extra weights. Cutting back on alcohol is another viable option as well.

If you stick to your plan, and you will, results will start to show soon. You will look better and feel better too.

Male Chastity Weight Loss Plan Guidelines

1. Set a Goal

Set yourself a goal that is reachable and not unrealistic. Refrain from setting steep goals that will only leave you disappointed and disheartened. Getting disappointed early on is a bad sign as you start to lose faith. Hence go easy on yourself and set weekly goals. Plan to lose small chunks of weight over a period of time. It will make your weight loss goal less lofty.

2. Don’t exert yourself

It is important not to overdo it in the beginning. Enjoy the process. Relish the building arousal. Start by losing smaller chunks of weight. Don’t go too high too fast. It will come back faster too. Exerting yourself too much can cause exhaustion and result in muscle and other injury. Increase your water intake too. Exercising too much will leave you dehydrated.

3. Reward and Punishment

Male chastity can be very effective in weight loss. The more you have to abstain, the more aroused you will be. This will motivate you to work harder at your goal. Your reward can be an orgasm on successful completion of your weekly goals. Your punishment can be continuation of orgasm denial.

For some people, orgasm denial itself is not a sufficient punishment. One can choose to take it a step further and set radical forms of punishment like extended tease and sensory deprivation, followed by sensory overload.

Final Words:-

Pay mind to the fact that everything you do is agreed in prior. Never overdo it as they might have consequences. Adapt your rewards and punishments based on you and your partner’s preference. Male chastity weight loss is failproof as you suffer the consequences immediately which makes you more likely to follow through with the plan.