Magic Mushrooms: Potential Health Benefits, Risks, and Tips


Magic mushrooms are psychedelic drugs often associated with recreational or spiritual activities. Users take these hallucinogens to get on a high that may feel like an ethereal awakening or a euphoric out-of-body experience. But apparently, these effects are just the tip of the iceberg.

Experts are looking beyond the transcendental experience of magic mushrooms in hopes of seeing their potential benefits on various health issues, from mental disorders and substance abuse.

The guide below will lead you to understand the possible therapeutic effects and risks of these psychedelics and other helpful information.

Possible Health Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

On Mental Health Problems

Today, research continues on most psychedelics and their possible therapeutic benefits on mental health conditions, like depression and anxiety. A study on psilocybin or the psychoactive compound in mushrooms, conducted on individuals suffering from depression, found that the depression levels of those who used magic mushrooms were significantly lower. It continued being so for up to a year after treatment.

Another study on cancer patients with life-threatening diagnoses discovered that magic mushrooms helped alleviate their anxiety about dying. Researchers administered either a low or high dose of psilocybin to the participants. They concluded that those who received high doses of psilocybin had more optimism in life and experienced less death-linked anxiety than those who received low doses of the compound.

On Substance Abuse

A small study on psilocybin and smoking cessation found increased smoker abstinence after 12 months of therapy. Not only that, but other studies claim that the compound can also help in decreasing alcohol dependence and suppressing cravings.

Potential Risks and How To Avoid Them

Experiencing a bad trip is a common risk of using psychedelics. It triggers problems like stress, anxiety, panic attacks, or horrifying hallucinations. By altering your setting while taking such hallucinogenics, you can steer clear of these problems. Stay away from people or places that upset you, or refrain from taking them when feeling bothered by something.

Aside from bad trips, you may also experience food poisoning from consuming poisonous mushrooms, which happens when you hand-pick your own. That’s why it’s best to buy products from trusted suppliers to ensure that you’re getting the right amount of non-poisonous mushrooms. Buying from authentic sellers also lets you get them in various forms, like flavoured magic mushroom chocolate bars, mint chocolates, and cookies.

It’s also important to note that once you’re under the influence of magic mushrooms, you lose body coordination or, in some cases, the ability to move completely, among other side effects. If a trip lasts for four to six hours, trying to move during those periods could lead to accidents. So, it’s best to sit back and try not to get up until the effects pass.

The Promise of Shrooms So Far

Studies continue on the possible therapeutic benefits of psilocybin on various health issues. Still, current results show promise, particularly in depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. Of course, experts advise that you refrain from self-medicating against these problems as they need more data to back up these effects. Always talk to a professional or a support system instead of impatiently turning to magic mushrooms as the only solution.

If you’re a newbie to psychedelics, it’s best to know more about them before using any product. Knowing more will help you avoid problems like poisoning and other negative experiences and ensure that you only have a safe trip ahead.