MacBook Tips and Tricks


The very first computer was invented in 1936, but the computer as we know it today wouldn’t be invented until many years later in 1981 when it was actually built.

Ever since then, computers have become an important part of our everyday lives and it can be hard to imagine a world without these amazing devices. If you have a MacBook, in particular, you might be wondering what kind of MacBook tips and tricks you can try.

Keep reading and check out some of these helpful and convenient MacBook hacks below.

Bypass Your Password After Getting Locked Out

Forgetting your password is a pretty easy mistake to make and everyone has made it at least once. The problem is that if you really can’t remember your password and keep getting it wrong when you type it in, your device might end up locking you out. Once that happens, is there anything you can do to fix the problem?

Of course, there is! There is actually a way in which you can bypass your password and then reset it so you can access your device again. To start, you will need to turn off your MacBook device and then hold down the Command and R buttons at the same time before pressing the power button on the device.

By doing that, your computer will enter recovery mode. From there, you can access the terminal and type in “reset password” without any spaces, and then press the enter key. From there, after closing out of the terminal, you should have a menu in front of you that will allow you to reset your password.

What You Need to Know

Keep in mind that if there are several users with several passwords on your device, you may need to reset all of their passwords. There may also be a case in which the computer will ask you to reset your password with an Apple ID.

If this is the case, just enter your Apple ID and proceed with resetting your password. Once you reset your password, make sure you write it down somewhere or memorize it so you won’t end up getting locked out of your device again. Once you reset it, you should be able to log into your computer with the new password without any problems.

It’s as easy as that!

Create Keyboard Shortcuts for Everything

Keyboard shortcuts are one of the most convenient concepts that were ever created. Instead of clicking through a bunch of different buttons and keys to get to what you want, you can just make a keyboard shortcut instead. That way, all you have to do is click on a single key and your device will take you to whatever you need.

But how can you make a keyboard shortcut? Fortunately, it is quite simple. There are even a few shortcuts that are pre-programmed into your device.

For example, pressing the command button and the C button at the same time will copy a selected body of text while command and V will paste the text. While this indeed is very convenient, what if you want to create a custom keyboard shortcut for yourself?

To start, go to the System Preferences section of your device and then click on keyboard. Then, click on shortcuts, then app shortcuts, and finally select the option that has a little plus icon on it. From there, there will be a menu that will allow you to choose what kind of application you want to use for the shortcut and the key you want to use.

The Details

Once you fill out all the information in that menu, click the button that says “add.” Once you do that, the keyboard shortcut you created will become active and you should be able to use it whenever you want. As you can imagine, this can be extremely helpful when it comes to simplifying a bunch of mundane tasks.

Instead of clicking on a bunch of buttons and pressing a bunch of keys, all you need to do is press on one key and the device will do whatever you programmed it to do. What else could you want from your device (other than MacBook cases for sale to protect your device)?

Change up the Menu Bar

Sometimes, the menu bar on your device can get in the way. This is especially true if you’re working on something that requires a lot of precision and you don’t want the menu bar taking up more space than is necessary. Fortunately, there is a way you can get rid of the menu bar so that you only have to see it when you want to.

All you have to do is click on system preferences and then click on dock and menu bar. There will be an option that allows you to automatically hide the menu bar, so click on that. Once that’s done, the menu bar should disappear from your site and your screen should be far more spacious than before.

If you want to get the menu bar back for whatever reason, you can always go back into that same menu and reverse your decision to automatically hide the bar.

All About MacBook Tips and Tricks

There are many MacBook features to consider and also many MacBook tips and tricks. Knowing these different MacBook shortcut options can make your life a lot easier when you’re using your device.

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