Limitations of Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting


As we all know we all require a hosting platform for making our website live on the internet.

Today having a website is bit necessary as it offers a way to business success. A website represents the business. It tells the viewers about what products and services a company deals in and it acts as a backbone of online presence.

If you want to create a business website you will surely require a web hosting.

What is web hosting?

You must have a store room in your home where you keep all the things. Similarly, you will be keeping all your necessary files which are necessary to run your website. These include HTML, CSS file, Media files, documents etc.

A web host company sells server space by providing rent to you. Web hosting company manages your servers and takes care of your website security. So your visitors don’t face any interruption while visiting your website.

There are many types of web hosting available in the market such as Shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, cloud hosting and so on. All these are a great fit for different types of business needs.

Here we will talk about two famous web hosting type mainly shared hosting and reseller hosting.

What is shared hosting?          

As a name suggest shared hosting refers to a type of hosting where multiple users uses a single web server. All the resources such as RAM, CPU, storage and bandwidth are shared by multiple users. As all the resources are shared by multiple users this type of web hosting is considered most economical and pocket friendly.

Shared hosting comes with various other limitations listed below:-

Sharing is not always Caring

In a shared hosting environment you have to share all the resources by other multiple users present in the server. According to your shared hosting plan you get only a limited amount of access to the resources like CPU or RAM. Business growth and upscale is the only target a business owners thinks to achieve for his business for this you require more space to spread your wings especially when you are present online.

Sharing resources with other potential users is one of the biggest limitations of shared hosting. And this is the only reasons why people switch or prefer more towards owing a VPS or  cheap Indian  Dedicated Server for your business growth.

In short, it’s hard to scale your business with limited amount of resources shared hosting lacks in providing flexibility and scalability to your business.

Installation Limitation

Installing new software’s increases your capacity to utilize new technology with advance features which are present in it. As the things are shared by you, you only get to use the technology which are already present or are installed in the server. All these software depends upon the choice of your service provider.

So everything from the type of resources quality to the software installed in the server is in the hands of service provider. Shared hosting do not provide you root access and because of it only you cannot install any software that you require. Therefore, you have to deal in existing software provided by your service provider.

Security Issues

Your service provide may assure you about the security benefits that you will be getting after buying a shared hosting package. And they follow each and every step to secure your website to a great extent but the truth is there are some security fears in shared hosting because everyone present on the server uses similar IP.  This means that you will get highly effected if some other website present on the same server where your website is also hosted.

A small malicious program can hamper all the services of server and it can also create a gateway to enter the malicious program onto your website. This is the major fear for e-commerce websites which involves high degree of monetary transactions.

Hence, affording shared hosting is easy but affording security issues can be dangerous.

Speed Issues

A website which is slow to load is not that attractive in the minds of the visitors. A good website loads within 3 seconds. Hosting plans plays a major role in loading speed for a website. Shared hosting is good for the website who have less traffic but as soon as your business grow and you start getting high traffic than shared hosting is not that much capable for holding load of your website.  This means you have to make a switch to another hosting type such as VPS or Dedicated Server to run your high traffic website smoothly.  If you continue the use of the website with shared hosting you will lose high number visitors because of slow website.

Lack of Support Quality

As shared hosting is cheap it comes with low level of support from your hosting the case of other major type of web hosting such as dedicated server your hosting provider have to provide their support services if you have some issue relate to same. This is because you pay more and you get more.

What is reseller hosting?

As the name suggest reseller hosting is a type of hosting which is provided by you as you are the web hosting company to your own clients. You rent out server space to your own clients to earn some revenue. You offer server bandwidth, CPU, RAM, storage etc.  to your clients depending upon how much resource you have.

Let’s discuss some of the major disadvantages of reseller hosting:-

Dependency on other web hosting company

The success of your organization as a web hosting company depends highly on other web hosting company and the quality of service that they provide to you. In case they face any serious issues like server down or other data center issues it will affect your business performance and your clients.

Dealing with Customers

There are many types of customers who have many questions related to the web hosting services that you are providing in the market. Hence, it is your responsibility to solve all their queries and respond well you them if you want to retain them and grow your business short as a reseller hosting provider you have to take care of your customers.

Limited Access to the server

As a reseller hosting provides you a limited amount of server access you have to stay connected with the original web hosting company which is bit difficult.

High level of difficulty

Reseller hosting and its features requires expert level knowledge without having certain knowledge about running a website you cannot deal with this type of hosting.


In conclusion, the choice of your hosting needs highly depends on the requirement of your business needs. For the companies who do not spend much on their website or are new having tight budget shared hosting can be a good choice. On the other hand reseller hosting is good for the business who want to rent out their space to their clients in order to earn revenue.