Jose Stemkens: Titus Welliver’s ex-untold wife’s story


Jose Stemkens, the founder of the Sunrise fashion consultancy, is a well-known fashion entrepreneur. Her marriage to a well-known actor has given her a significant foothold in the fashion industry.

Jose owns a fashion company and has impeccable taste in clothing (Sunrise Fashion). Welliver’s ex-wife grew up in Holland and later worked as a model there. She has worked as a model for a number of companies in Europe.

The gorgeous tall blonde was born in Tembisa, South Africa, on December 29th, 1987. Her family, particularly her parents and siblings, is shrouded in mystery. Following her birth in the Netherlands, Jose grew up in Africa. Jose Stemkens’ height, net worth, relationship, and full bio, as well as her early life and modeling career, have all been covered.. I hope this information about Jose Stemkens to be helpful.

Jose stemkens: Age, net worth, Height, Relationships and full bio

Jose Stemkens Age

Jose was born on the 29th of December in the year 1987 and now She is 33 years old .

Jose Stemkens Height

Jose Stemkens is 5 ft 6 inches tall with hazel colored eyes.

Jose Stemkens Net Worth

Jose Stemkens is estimated to have a net worth of between $1 and $10 million as of 2021. Her main source of income is from her job as a fashion consultant. The majority of her earnings come from her business, Sunrise Fashion Consulting.

Jose Stemkens Relationship

Titus Welliver, an American actor, is Jose Stemkens husband. Titus’ previous marriage left her with three stepchildren. Their divorce was finalized on April 3rd, 2019. The breakup was amicable.

Jose Stemkens Trivia

  • Titus Welliver, a well-known American actor, married Jose Stemkens for the fourth time.
  • She has three children from Titus’ previous marriage, but no children of her own.
  • Capricorn is Jose Zodiac sign.
  • Her Instagram account, which is private, has a little over 1050 followers.
  • She has a Twitter following of slightly more than 50 people.

Jose stemkens personal details

Jose Stemkens grew up in Tembisa, South Africa. This fashion queen was born on the 29th of December in the year 1987. She was born in South Africa and raised in Holland.

After completing her education, she relocated to the United Kingdom to work as a consultant. Jose Stemkens’ parents aren’t well-known, and she’s never spoken about them in an interview.

Jose stands 5 feet 4 inches tall and has stunning hazel eyes. Capricorn is her zodiac sign (sun sign). Her ethnicity is African American, despite her Dutch nationality. Jose is a seasoned fashion expert with a wealth of knowledge. In the year 2021, this lovely lady will be 33 years old. We don’t know anything about his educational background at this time.

  Jose entry into the fashion industry at a young age 

Jose’s fashion sense didn’t come naturally to her; she had to work hard since she was a child to get to where she is now. She started her career in fashion at the Mata Hari multi-chain store in Holland. Her fashion career began while she was still in school, which is the most remarkable aspect of her biography.

Because of her hard work and fashion sense, Jose was promoted from point of sale to assistant manager. She worked her way up to the position of shop manager. When she was 21, she landed a job at a wholesale fashion store in Dusseldorf, and her early exposure and experience helped her learn the ropes of wholesale fashion.

Jose was also given the opportunity to work as a sales manager for American Wear Europe. The job provided her with twice-monthly trips to Asia, which allowed her to gain more experience in the fashion industry.

After the CEO praised her exceptional work ethic, she was given the opportunity to run the Esprit Hong Kong office. She worked for the company for eleven years, building strong business and personal relationships.

That’s how she got the idea for her fashion consulting business. Sunrise, which works with well-known brands like Lui Jo, Freddy, Superfine, and Cocurata, was founded after she saw a gap in the fashion industry.

Jose Stemkens and Titus Welliver’s marriage

After dating for more than six years, Jose Stemkens married on April 12, 2014, in Calabasas, California. “The most glorious and magical day of his life,” Titus said of the occasion.

Jose was the stepmother to three of Titus’ previous marriage’s children, despite the fact that Jose and Titus Welliver did not have children during their marriage. Cara McBride is the daughter, and Eamonn and Quinn McBride are the sons.

Before meeting and marrying her, Jose’s ex-husband had been married three times. Joanna Heimbold (mother of Eamonn and Quinn), Heather Wilelandt, and late producer Elizabeth W. Alexander (Cara’s mother) is one of the popular actor’s ex-wives.

While still married to the famous actor, Elizabeth Alexander was diagnosed with cancer.

Titus Welliver’s wife on the other hand, died in 2012 after succumbing to cancer.

Jose Stemkens’ story of success

Jose worked his way up the ladder of the dash company, which aspired to be the best in the country. In June 2009, her employment at The Great Wall of China as an account manager came to an end.

She assisted with the brand’s expansion in the United States, as well as the development of the Dept and JC RAGS brands. She went on to become vice president of House of Quirky, a fashion store that aimed to provide high-quality clothing at a low price.

Eight of the House of Quirky’s successful brands that are sold in large quantities at the following show locations are Evol Twin, MINI PINK, The Lost Girls, Quirky Girls, Staple the Label, Paint it Red, and Somedays lovin’.

She aided the growth of the fashion company The House of Quirky by opening boutiques across the United States. I continued to open businesses for another year as vice president, primarily in California.

Jose Stemkens eventually established her own fashion consultancy, Sunrise. Because of her expertise in creating brands, promoting products, and opening stores, this company quickly became well-known and successful.

In addition to running her own business, she now provides consulting services to a number of fashion companies, assisting them in achieving success in their respective fields. She is the creative force behind several well-known fashion labels in the United States, Asia, and Europe.

Jose Stemkens’ Net worth and where she lives now?

Jose got his start in the fashion industry while still in school, working at the Mata Hari Multi Chain store in Holland. She rose through the ranks of the sales department, assistant manager, and finally store manager.

She jumped at the chance to work at the commercial fashion house based in Dusseldorf when she was 21 years old.

She was then promoted to sales manager for American clothing in Europe. She travelled to Asia once every two months between this phase and the next to collaborate and negotiate with the project’s production team.

She was well-known in her field as a result of her growing productive experience and talent for working under duress. Similarly, the CEO of Espirit offered her the position of managing the Hong Kong office. She stayed in charge of the Hong Kong office for nearly ten years.

Jose Stemkens has amassed a sizable net worth, estimated to be around $10 million, as a result of her burgeoning career as a renowned businesswoman and former model. She has yet to provide additional information about her salary and earnings, which are solely based on her recent endeavors and projects.

What is Jose Stemkens’ current address?

Jose Stemkens is currently based in Los Angeles, California. After ending their marriage in 2019, the couples went their separate ways and are no longer living together. So, where does Titus Welliver call home these days?

Jose Stemkens does not require an introduction because her reputation precedes her. She has a thriving fashion consulting business that she started when she was young. Despite the fact that she is no longer married to Titus Welliver, she is still widely known as the actor’s wife. The moniker is likely to stick for a long time.

Jose Stemkens Achievements as well as some interesting facts

Jose has a fantastic reputation in the fashion industry because of her impeccable taste, in addition to working for renowned fashion brands. After ten years in Espirit, she went to work for the Great China Wall. The Great China Wall is best known for its high-end casual clothing line, which is sold in boutiques all over the world.

Some interesting facts about Jose Stemkens

  • Jose isn’t on any of the social media sites.
  • Jose and Titus are her first husband and wife.
  • She was born in the South African town of Tembisa.
  • She is a Dutch national.