IoT mobile app development trends that will dominate in future


Internet of Things is everywhere from our smartwatches, farm equipment’s to ultra-speed wireless internet, we are living in a magnificent era of IoT. The IoT (Internet of Things) technology is taking over the world by 2025 we would be surrounded by 22 billion IoT devices. It is spectacular to see how the internet has grown over the decade. Each and every day there is something new, something exciting to look forward to. The recent stats have been indicating that IoT is going to be a major player in mobile app development in the coming years.

Let us see what new revolution IoT is going to create in mobile app development:

Iot mobile app development in  Home automation

2018 was the year where significant smart home devices ruled out but they weren’t that prominent then, people felt that they would become too lazy and dependent if they are going to use automation but 2019 changed a lot even those people who felt it was unnecessary could not resist the charm of these home automation and by 2021, we can say that almost every home owns an IoT device. Intelligent thermostats, dryers, smart lighting, security system, monitoring devices were some of the significant IoT adaptions we have in recent years. Who would say no to smart devices that would help save your energy bill, create a subtle environment, decrease your work and help you unwind? IoT devices will soon become a routine for smart home automation. The popularity of IoT is increasing and in the coming years, we will definitely see more of it.

IoT in public places

One of the crowning accomplishments of IoT is a smart city, if we look back a few years we saw cities implementing sensors and such right now we might not see a lot of it but in the future, we will see more IoT in public places. The governments and the companies will concentrate on implementing IoT technology to build smart parking systems, lighting systems, traffic control, securities, etc. With the help of IoT and fast internet, we will be able to construct sustainable towns that are facilitated with top-notch technology and security system. IoT integration will lead to sustainable development, lower transportation congestion, and enhance safety.

Edge computing will takeover cloud computing

For years will have been using the cloud to store and transfer all our data but this is where IoT can bring a major careful change.

IoT application ideas have been booming in the creative developers’ mindswho have been planning to transfer data from the IoT devices to the cloud by bringing a middle man in the name of local transfer. The data will be first transfer to the local or the nearby storage where it is filtered and analyzed once the data is ready to go a certain part of it or the whole is safely transferred to the cloud decreasing network traffic and avoiding bottlenecks.

IoT in Health care

The health-tech industry has undergone many changes over the year and is undergoingmany changes. Health systems are shifting to digital operating systems to make work easy and reliable. IoT mobile apps are bringing new possibilities to the medical field. Sensors, medical equipment, portable gadgets, health monitors, and a variety of other medical gadgets are likely to be connected to the internet of things. There will be significant growth in the number of mobile health apps and virtual assistants will be made available 24 hours a day, 365 days to monitor a patient’s health from anywhere.

Block chain for IoT security

Many public and private sector organizations are shifting from manual to the smart mark. Most of the new companies have already created a territory with the help of the blockchain of Things. With IOTA’s interconnections in order to construct components and modules for organizations without SaaS and Cloud. Blockchain IoT security improves speed and security, resulting in building a very strong and reliable network and also cut costs on the SaaS and Cloud.

 IoT for retail apps

The e-commerce industry is already benefiting from the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) but with the integration of IoT, they can benefit a lot from their retail supply chain. IoT can make it more efficientby improving the online shopping experience for customers across the world. IoT will further tailor the retail experience for each customer with in-app ads based on user history. For now, we get notifications when we place an order but with the innovation of IoT the app can lead will direct customers to see where their product is placed with the help of in-site maps which can improve customer experience.


With the increasing number of devices and data transmission, there is a heavy risk of your data being breached or stolen. You are data will be vulnerable and can be easily hacked so to make cybersecurity strong more IoT applications are being developed to ensure there would be no data breach.

5G network and IoT in transport

5G network can be a boon to mankind, along with IoT a lot can be changed. With the availability of high-speed internet and IoT, smart cities will effectively come into existence. Unlike we don’t have to wait for hours for the traffic to move students and elderly people can get the best out of the IoT integration. Some of the breezy things IoT can create for easy commutation is:

  • Smart street lights will make strolling around the city easier and safer.
  • Finding the parking spot would be smoother with the help of With data-driven parking apps,
  • Public transport will become a more reliable way to transport.

5G and IoT mobile application development technologies, will make commutation breezy-easy!

IoT for Predictive maintenance

We have the facility of safe security and notifications or alerts in any disastrous situations or case of a plumbing or a breakage problem in the house. Which will help us take precautional measures to avoid any disasters. But imagine what more IoT can do in the future, it can take over and do the work for you in an emergency situation even without your presence.

AI and Big data analytics

AI has become a breathing part of various organizations. IoT latest trends will combine the AI and analyze the inclination which will help in the better decision-making process and makes tasks accomplishment reachable. Together AI and IoT can create a revolution.

Energy and resource management

Electronics based on IoT mobile apps are projected to play a key role in energy savings. IoT mobile application development technologies can be integrated into resource management, making lives more approachable, comfortable, and sustainable. You will get a lot of add-ons including a notification when the power threshold exceeds, improved battery life, in-house temperature management, and many other sophisticated functions that can be added to these IoT smartphone apps.

Great consumer adaption

The consumer-based IoT adaption will significantly increase in the coming years this will help companies to read trends, analyze consumer behavior, etc which will also help decrease the capital expenditures of the company Although these IoT mobile technology trends will take time to be developed and implemented.


No wonder that IoT will be leading the iot mobile app development industry in the coming years with the latest mobile trends mentioned above.Individuals, as well as businesses, will benefit heavily from the IoT trends creating revolutionary changes in the future.