How to Save Money while Buying Kilns?


Purchasing your first kiln may be both thrilling and perplexing. When looking at advertisements for secondhand kilns, you may find that the information provided is sparse at best. But even a secondhand kiln for sale may be a substantial investment. So, being aware of potential red flags is a smart move. Buying a pre-owned kiln may save you a lot of money.

A Kiln’s Capacity Must Be Verified:

Even though it may seem self-evident, making sure you have adequate room for a kiln before purchasing one is critical. A snapshot of a kiln for sale may not provide an accurate representation of its actual size. Even though it seems little at first glance, anything might turn out to be much bigger than expected. Likewise, a kiln that seems huge in a photograph may turn out to be much smaller in person.

What Kind of Kiln Do did You Need?

Many different types of kilns are available. If you’re looking to purchase a ceramic kiln, be sure it’s the one you want. Although it may appear obvious, kilns for sale frequently lack details. In other circumstances, they may not even be aware of the kind of kiln they are trying to sell.

For example, they may be doing it to aid a family member or a friend who needs it. Glass kilns, metal kilns, and ceramic kilns are all different types. Verify if the secondhand kiln can be used to fire ceramics.

Specifications for Electrical Power:

The kiln’s power source is also an important consideration. Gas kilns are best for those who have access to natural gas. So, without the proper training, you’ll need an expert to set up the gas kiln. Electric kilns are the most common kind of secondhand kiln. Electric kilns are the most common kind of kiln used to fire pottery, especially by amateur potters. You must ensure that your building’s electrical supply can handle a kiln.

How Far Along is the Kiln Right Now?

The temptation to bid on an eBay secondhand kiln without seeing it in person might be strong. Visit a kiln and inspect it in person before making a purchase. It’s easy to be fooled by pictures.

What do We Know About the Kiln’s Age and Background?

A kiln can endure for many years if it is adequately cared for and properly maintained. On the other side, kilns need regular maintenance. Are there any records of the kiln’s previous use? The most current set of materials and any kiln work done should be documented.

Almost all kiln for sale owners records their firings in some way. Request a copy of the personnel file. Because of this, we can calculate the temperature at which the kiln is being fired. Think carefully about the facts you’ve been given.

Most likely, the kiln was used for bisque firing or firing at low temperatures. Perhaps the elements still have a lot of life in them. The elements may need to be replaced if the owner fires at stoneware temperatures frequently.

However, firing stoneware frequently is not always a negative thing. It’s a positive sign that the kiln can handle greater temperatures. Before firing at stoneware temperatures, ask the owner whether it works well at such temperatures.


Buying a secondhand kiln is exciting if you have previously utilized a ceramic firing service. It’s an important milestone in your development as a potter when you finally get to fire your creations. Consider a few things to consider if you want to use your kiln at home. Try to find out if you have room in your house for an oven before purchasing one.