How to sanitise your car during Covid-19?


The key to containing the spread of the Coronavirus is to stay away from touching or coming in contact with areas or surfaces which are exposed to other people. This is one reason why the government has been so insistent on using the quarantine as a measure to stop Covid’s disastrous spread.

Additionally, the government, as well as doctors, repeatedly insist on washing hands and masking oneself. While stepping out during quarantine or while the pandemic continues to rage across India is not advisable, there will be many of us who will need to do so for some unforeseen and critical reason. During such times, it is necessary to sanitise your car properly in order to protect yourself and your family from the pandemic.

How should you sanitise your car during a quarantine?

The first thing to know is that the virus can continue to survive on a number of surfaces including door handles, steering wheels or even the handbrake. A number of studies suggest that the virus can survive on many surfaces for a long time, especially plastic and metal, where it is known to survive for at least three days. The virus’s longevity is reduced on absorbent surfaced but it is better to be safe than sorry and to give the car a thorough scrub before you get in.

Cleaning the exteriors:

First off, please ensure that you have checked off the basics of personal hand sanitisation before cleaning your car. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap or a solution for 20 seconds before you start cleaning your car. Once you have washed your hands, prepare a soap and warm water solution- which can be made using any cleaning product in your house- to clean your car. It is preferable to wear gloves while cleaning your car.

Alternatively, you can also use disinfectant products, like a antibacterial spray, that have isopropyl alcohol content. Do read the product description and ensure that it also can be used for cleaning non-household surfaces. Wet wipes or baby wipes dipped in a solution of isopropyl alcohol content can also be used to clean your car’s exteriors including the handles of your doors, rearview mirrors, top-section of the doors, windscreen as well as boot lid. The solution meant for cleaning windows in households can also be used for cleaning windscreens.

Once the exteriors of the car have been cleaned with a baby wipe, one can use a damp cloth to give them another wipe which will ensure better sanitisation of your car. One practice to follow is to clean your car every alternate day or once in three days. However, do remember not to clean your car exteriors in broad daylight as the water is likely to evaporate real fast.

The final word

Just like sanitising your car is a necessary step to ensure your and your family’s health during the pandemic, getting car insurance is a mandatory and important step in protecting your savings from any major damage to your car.  If you wish to buy or renew an insurance policy, do so from the insurer’s website or from an app like Acko car insurance. You can also take the help of a car insurance calculator online.