How to Retain Your Driving License? 11 Tips from Defense Lawyer


Driving is a privilege. And, just like any other privilege, you must use good judgment to keep your benefits. One way to do this is to ensure you never get a traffic ticket or plead guilty to traffic violations. The most common traffic violations are overspeeding, running red lights, etc.

According to studies, the United States annually issues over 41 million speeding tickets. That’s why having a good defense lawyer working for you can be a great way to protect your driving privileges and keep you under the radar.

Getting DUI attorneys is ideal if you are charged with driving under the influence. They offer you legal counsel and represent you in legal proceedings.

11 Tips to Retain Your Driving License

1. Never Drive Under the Influence

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a crime that can result in a ticket from a police officer. Don’t get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol or drugs.

If you are drinking, do not drive the car. You should hire a taxi or a car service and you can also try to ask someone else to drive you home if possible.

As a general rule, avoid taking prescription drugs that impair motor skills. It can include different medicines such as painkillers or sleeping pills. These medications can affect your memory.

However, if you need to, ask someone who knows about their effects. One person might not feel any impairment, while another might feel very different. It depends on how much medication he has consumed.

This can have severe consequences if you are found guilty of DUI and sent to jail. Wilmington DUI attorneys even stated that it can affect your future job opportunities. It also impacts your ability to pass a background check when applying for jobs in other states.

2. Hire an Experienced Defense Lawyer

If you are facing a DUI charge, you must hire an attorney who understands the process of retaining your license. A defense attorney ensures they have access to all case documents and facts to defend you.

It is vital not to manage this process on your own. There are many complexities involved in DUI accusations. So, you cannot handle it without a defense lawyer. Also, law enforcement officials handle cases differently throughout states in the US. He will examine the entire situation. He will explain the possible legal options and choose the best one for you.

Thus, it can be difficult for someone without experience working in these situations.

3. Get Copies of All Police Reports and DMV Paperwork

A good defense lawyer will demand these documents. It will be helpful for them to understand what happened. The lawyer can review that document. He will determine discrepancies with what was reported in court or at DMV.

It is also vital for your lawyer to know how long ago this incident occurred. It helps him to predict how long it will take to resolve through talks with the other party.

4. Do Not Drive Without a License or With a Suspended License

Driving without a license is one of the most common reasons for revocation. Always make sure to have your driving license with you.

Driving when your license is suspended is against the law.  Doing so may result in a felony or misdemeanor penalty, depending on the circumstances.

5. Never Test the Limits of Police Officers’ Patience

Police officers are not likely to give special treatment to anyone they stop over. Never try to talk your way out of getting a ticket by arguing with the officer. Provide your license and registration information instead. Inquire about the reason you were pulled over in the first place.

6. Do Not Run Away from the Scene

Take your time exiting your vehicle. Avoid sudden movements if the police officer requests you to do so. Do not flee the scene of an accident or traffic stop. Do not leave the accident scene until the appropriate authorities have permitted you.

7. Never Refuse a Breathalyzer Test

Do not try to dodge a DUI charge by refusing to take a breath or blood test.

If you refuse to take a breath or blood test, the officer will arrest you and charge you with a DUI.

8. Show Up for Court if They Summon You

They can charge a fine if you fail to appear in court and are held in contempt of court. Saying “I’m sorry” is inadequate if there is no reasonable explanation for why you did not attend the hearing. The court will not accept any lame excuse from you. If the court proves you are guilty at trial, they can ask you to pay a fine before reinstating your license.

9. Never Attempt to Hide Evidence From Police Officers

If an officer pulls you over for a traffic infraction and discovers drugs or weapons in your vehicle, he may arrest you for both offenses. Why? Because no one can legally hold these items. You should not try to hide evidence from the police officers.

Always tell the truth. Do not lie to avoid an arrest scenario with the police by fabricating an excuse. Do not lie if there is no reason for suspicion about your behavior.

10. Pay Tickets on Time

If you do not pay on time and receive additional penalties, this can devastate your defense. Asking for an extension is often a good way to avoid these extra costs and fees. f this is not possible, consider paying off the ticket by installment instead of paying all at once in one lump sum.

11. Focus on The Future

Anyone’s life can be turned upside down by losing one’s professional license, whether they are a doctor or nurse, or a real estate broker. Even though it may seem hopeless, you’ll get over losing your license. In actuality, the impediment is a momentary obstacle you’ll overcome. Think about the best parts of your life and be thankful for them. Look for new work opportunities.


These tips are suitable for everyone. It’s essential to remember that all of these points can help you avoid a DUI conviction even if you do not have an attorney. However, having one can give you the benefit of legal advice from someone who has worked with these cases before.

Hopefully, you never find yourself in a situation where you need to retain your license. But if you ever face something, following advice from a defense lawyer may help you save time and stress.