How to Reset on Acer Laptop: Know the Important Tips


The laptops become very essential parts of our daily life to work fast and smoothly. Without the advantage of the laptops it is not possible to save the important document and data quickly. At the same time they can also help you to store all your previous lost data if you store them in a recovery folder.

However different types of users are fascinated to use different types of branded laptops but nowadays Acer laptops are most popular among young people. Similarly they also face both the positive and negative problems. A lot of people are also willing to know the steps that will help them to know how to reset Acer laptop.

If you are a user of this brand laptop and looking for the answer how to reset Acer laptop then here in this article we will guide you in a step-by-step process.  By following each one of the steps correctly it will be easier for the laptop users to reset their device or system quickly. Those who are willing to find out the accurate ways to solve the matter they can have a quick look in this short article.

Without discussing any more other things let’s get started by knowing the correct ways to practice to solve the problem.

Some of the steps to follow on how to reset Acer laptop

Now here we are going to individually offer the exact ways to follow one by one to reset the device and to start again using it.

For Windows 7 users

To reset the laptop quickly and if you are using Windows 7 operating system then here are the basic steps that you need to go  through quickly.

  • At first the users will have to click on the start option Al then they will have to find control Panel option.
  • After finding the control panel option now the users will have to Click on the option backup and restore.
  • In the next step the users will have to find out recover system settings or your computer option. And after that they will have to click on the advanced recovery methods.
  • After that the users now will have to choose the option Return your computer to factory condition.
  • Immediately after choosing the option the computer will ask you to take a backup to all your important files. You can process to the option or can simply keep the skip if you have already taken the backup of your important files.
  • After that the users will see the option restart and they need to click on the restart button.
  • In the next step the laptop will automatically take the restart function and after restarting the laptop will offer the option Acer eRecovery management.
  • In addition after that the users will find out two options on their screen. Restore Operating System to Factory Defaults and Restore Operating System and Retain User Data, And according to their need they will have to choose any one of the option to reach to the next step.
  • Subsequently just after that there will be appeared some of the instructions that all of the easiest need to follow one by one.
  • And ultimately by power off your laptop, you will observe the restarting option in front of you and then you need to press the alt key and F10 together from your keyboard.

For Windows 8 and 10 users

Now here we are going to provide some basic steps that will help Acer laptop users to reset their Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating system.

  • First the users will have to click on the start and then have to click on the settings option.
  • After that they will have to find out Update and security option and then recovery option.
  • Go to the reset this PC option and Click on get started option.
  • After that the laptop will offer two options in front of you want is remove all files and Keep my files. According to your choice you need to click on any one of the option.
  • After doing all of these things you need to power off your laptop.
  • And when the Laptop will restart by itself you need to press alt button and F10 from your keyboard.
  • And ultimately you can observe the Acer logo and can also find the Windows recovery environment option.
  • Just click on the option troubleshoot and reset the laptop. Lastly, you need to click on the start option to reset the system quickly.


Therefore these are the necessary steps on how to reset Acer laptop. All you need to follow these basic steps and you can again use your Acer laptop quickly.