How To Quit A Job


How do you go to work tomorrow? Well, if you’re using this handy little guide, you’ll probably go into work and quit! That’s right, it’s a win-win situation.

It is not easy to quit a job. It’s not an easy topic to talk about, but hopefully, this article will offer some insight on how to quit a job .

Have a friend at work? Why not bring them in on the action!

How do I start? Well, first off you have to think about what type of job you have. What are they paying you? Doing? Well, how about this:

If your company is small enough, try talking to your boss first. Do it behind closed doors so no one else will find out about what you’re doing. But I mean talk to him or her. Don’t just say “I want to quit” and not explain why. You have a lot of time to tell them, so make sure you take advantage of it.

If the company is too large for you to talk to your boss, try talking directly to HR about quitting. Make sure you give two weeks’ notice if at all possible. If they say that’s not possible, then try to at least give a month.

If you just can’t face your boss or HR about quitting, that’s okay! Just write them a letter and tell them why you’re leaving. Please don’t hand in the letter if your company uses email: if they do it means they’re less likely to read it carefully and you could end up making a bad decision.

Now that you’ve finished explaining why you’re quitting (or perhaps it’s already assumed), explain what your plans are. Maybe they’ll be excited for you! If not, maybe one day they’ll come to appreciate the fact that someone cared enough about their dream to quit and pursue it themselves.

If you’re quitting to take a job with another company, explain why you’re choosing them. If it’s because they pay well and your current workplace doesn’t, then that’s okay! Make sure you explain what your plans are: maybe they’ll like the fact that you won’t be around to bother them anymore.

And now that you’ve quit, remember your work etiquette. Most importantly: leave on a good note! Maybe you’ll need a reference from them later in life and the less they have to say about how horrible an employee you were, the better things will look for you.

If you want to make sure people know what a great company it is, you can even send a quick little tweet on Twitter about how great the company is and why they’re so lucky to have you.

Once you release that status update and meet your first new co-worker, don’t forget to ask about their experience with the company. You never know: maybe there’s something more important than what you found out on your own.

If you’re moving to a new company for the same position, remember that it’s not about you. It’s about them! So learn as much as you can about their company and industry before making any future moves at all. You don’t want to move too soon if changes are coming up or anything like that.

So, are you ready? Now that you’ve learnt how to quit a job, remember: it’s not all about you! Good luck quitting your job today!