How to prepare for the NDA exam

NDA exam

The National Defence Academies (NDA) is the Indian Armed Forces’ combined defense service training school, where trainees from the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force enroll together before proceeding to their different services academies for additional pre-commission training. The NDA is a national-level test held twice a year by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Candidates who want to pass the NDA exam must have a high degree of self-motivation. So, for nearly two years, you may keep the same degree of consistency and encouragement. To prevent last-minute strain, worry, and tension, applicants for the NDA exam should begin their preparation as soon as feasible.

Syllabus knowledge: A syllabus is a type of instructional tool that establishes a guideline for what should occur during the whole course session. It establishes the subjects and concepts on which candidates will be assessed. It provides students with information on the course’s structure, objectives, and learning outcomes. Candidates should be familiar with the NDA 2021 test format as well as the NDA 2021 curriculum for the written exam. The written portion of the NDA exam consists of two subjects: maths and a general ability test. Candidates can check the NDA Exam Syllabus details here.

Knowledge of exam pattern: After knowing the exam syllabus the next step that a candidate must follow is to know the NDA exam pattern. This exam is held twice a year on an offline basis (written test), Candidates must mark their answers using a black ball tip pen. The exam will take 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete. The question paper consists of objective-type questions in which the weightage for the Mathematics paper is worth 300 points, while the General Ability test is worth 600. The written exam is worth a total of 900 points. There is a negative marking in the exam for each wrong response. There will be a 0.33-point deduction.

Schedule your Study Plan Smartly: After visualizing the exam pattern the candidates must know how much time they have left to prepare for the written test. They shall establish a list of how many topics they need to cover, and also figure out how much time it will take to finish everything. As a result, set aside time for each topic as well as your other activities like taking a rest, sleeping, and taking food. the study plan must be well-organized in order to get good results.

Your Basics Should Be Clear: Only applicants who understand the basics will be able to answer the high-level questions. They should start by getting a grip on the theories of subjects that they have already learned by using the NCERT Books to clarify their basic concepts. Then students can go on to topics that have yet to be covered, starting with the basics.

Maths’s preparation strategy: Questions from calculus, algebra, and vector are included in the math section. Calculus is the subject on which the most inquiries are asked. In NDA, the questions are a little more difficult, whereas, in Class 11 and 12, we just study very basic math. Students should cover as much of the material as possible. Candidates who are bad at math should have a good foundation. To pass the exam, candidates must answer at least 40 questions. Candidates should review their school textbooks to understand the fundamental ideas. Divide the course into sections and plan your study schedule appropriately. It is simple to solve calculus if you grasp it. So don’t be concerned about the calculus.

Track current events: All of the important events that have occurred in India or throughout the world in the previous five years are quite significant. On a daily basis, candidates should make it a habit to watch the news, read the newspapers, listen to celebrity interviews, and keep track of all the accolades and honors.

Focus on General Knowledge and English Subject: To pass the NDA exam, you must be able to communicate in English. Your English is not just examined in a written exam but if you speak English fluently, it makes a positive impression on recruiters during the interview. General Knowledge is also a requirement of the exam, you should study it thoroughly. You may improve your GK by reading newspapers, magazines, journals, and referring to books by well-known authors that specialize in current events, etc.

Completing the syllabus: The Commission has established the NDA 2021 written exam syllabus. For the written test, candidates should first focus on completing the NDA 2021 curriculum as given by the UPSC. Before attempting sample NDA 2021 question papers or past examination papers, students should first concentrate on completing the whole syllabus for the exam.

Reference to the sample Paper: With the help of sample papers students prepare better for the test, and as a result, they are relieved of exam pressure and worry. When students practice with a large number of sample papers, they will come across a number of times with the concepts and questions that have been asked in previous years’ examinations, which will help them sharpen their concepts.

Time management: Candidates should begin their NDA preparation with a clear line-up, which means they should discard any prior views they may have regarding the NDA exam. Every exam requires time management; therefore, applicants must understand how to enhance their efficiency within the allotted time. Different candidates handle their time in different ways, so it’s up to them to figure out how to make the most of their time during the NDA 2021 exam.

Stay Healthy: To achieve the end aim in any exam, applicants must be cool, refreshed, and attentive. Every applicant prepares for the NDA exam in his or her own unique method. The key to passing the NDA 2021 exam is to be focused and motivated until you attain your objective.