How to Pair Antique Gold Jewelry to Uplift Your Look


Jewellery is the most loved element of every woman next to clothing fashion. Did you ever try to cook a recipe without spices? It’s almost impossible. Similarly, exclusive expensive ethnic outfits are worth zero without antique jewellery. Vintage jewellery, Kundan jewellery, and silver jewellery undoubtedly look stunning and have their own charm.

Rather than all, antique jewellery is leading the trending gold jewellery designs by varies in styles, patterns, and types.

First of all, it’s good to know about antique gold jewellery. Jewellery was discovered in the 17th century during ancient times. Small pieces of precious metals and stones are shaped to give a regal beauty in the form of ornaments that can be worn.

Antique jewellery is the best example of ancient jewellery. Various precious metals and gemstones are getting together, and ancient designs such as peacocks, elephants, Radha Krishna pendants, goddesses, flowers, and many designs resemble the women’s gold jewellery. Smartly hued traditional designs and killer styles of antique jewellery makes your day more special than it is.

According to its designs, antique jewellery could be a part of ethnic outfits, banarasi or kanjeevaram sarees, bridal jewellery, and traditionally hued lehenga choli. Light-weighted and simply designed antique gold jewellery is the best part to wear with any casual outfit.

As the name is given, this jewellery is unique and gorgeous enough to capture the eye and heart of everyone on the occasion. The trend of antique jewellery is blooming and becoming a pretty part of the South Indian Wedding Jewellery Set. Antique Gold Jewellery Designs to Flourish Your Personality:

1. Antique Gold Long Necklace:

Necklaces are the first priority among all types of jewellery. The sigma rule of having gold jewellery that looks heavier and more expensive. The antique gold long necklace is the perfect match for patola saree, banarasi saree, and Gujarati bridal GharChola saree.

A gold long necklace spots a glamour to a once stylish persona. Floral designed antique gold necklace with matching pair earrings is the jewellery which you wait for. Maroon, green, and silver stones in the necklace make you feel and look like a queen. The finishing of tiny flower petals at the edge of the necklace is a special fetching element.

Though, the matching jhumar earring is having its own world. You can pair the earring with any type of ethnic suit and designer wedding outfit. This way, an antique gold long necklace opens multiple ways to style your traditional outfits.

2. Antique Gold Pocha:

Pocha is an additional piece of jewellery that combines the bracelet and the ring in a single jewellery. Antique gold hand panja or pocha is the most important part of bridal jewellery. Gold pocha is specially made for bridal attire. Antique pocha is more than what Kundan resembles, its having an Arabic form of art in tiny round shapes one upon another.

The extra majestic feel comes from maroon and green stones in the middle of every flower design. Wear an antique gold pocha on her wedding day, is still a dream for many girls in the provinces of India. Gold pocha is the right jewellery to wear with traditional sarees and wedding lehenga cholis.

3. Antique Gold Kundan Necklace:

Jewellery represents both tradition and beauty. The place of minakari and diamond jewellery is taken by the latest gold Kundan jewellery. Antique gold Kundan necklace is traditionally hued with elegant Kundan and mesmerizing designs. A delightful Kundan necklace with matching earrings is the best jewellery to wear with panetar saree, patola saree, silk saree, and lehenga saree.

Gold Kundan necklace set designs with peacocks, mango-shaped petals, and tiny flowers demonstrate the ancient tradition. It’s been a stunning masterpiece jewellery that will be good for long Anarkali suits and traditionally hued one-piece gowns. Bandhani Saree is the best match for the gold Kundan necklace set.

4. Antique Gold Bangles:

Science proves that wearing bangles on the wrists is in constant friction with each other. That friction leads to an increase in the blood circulation level in the body. The significant benefit of wearing antique gold bangles is to have charm and health benefits as well. In some regions of India, married women must wear bangles in their day-to-day life.

The latest antique bangles designed with peacocks, and flowers are the one-stop choice of every modern woman. The crazy trend of wearing gold antique Kada bangles with designer sarees and lehenga choli is going on! Some thin bangles can be a part of your daily regular outfits such as Kurti, Punjabi suits, and silk saree. Women have choices to select the right bangles according to occasions and outfits.

5. Antique Designer Gold Choker Set:

Gold Choker Set is another masterpiece of additional latest gold jewellery designs. A Choker necklace set was later worn in the first century AD. Originally it was written and pronoun as choke-her. As its name, the designer gold choker set lightly chokes and stuck in the neck. It looks prettiest ever than you can’t even think about it.

A modern bridal outfit is incomplete without an antique gold choker necklace set. Brides chose a choker necklace set with gold antique rajwadi long necklace set and matching heavy earrings. A Choker necklace in gold with Kundan and elegant traditional designs is the perfect fashion jewellery to wear with any type of saree and designer lehenga cholis.


The trend of antique gold jewellery frequently gets changes according to modern fashion and human needs. A huge variety of antique gold jewellery considering the latest gold jewellery designs and best consumer servicing is the core feature of any online store. Discover the online platform of Nandish Jewellers to have the latest jewellery updates.