How to Make A Content Strategy Plan


While making a content strategy, you need to figure out what will help you in targeting a large audience, as well as inspire them to take your desired actions such as boosting your business. To do so successfully, you will need to take care of a few things such as setting your goals, researching your audience, etc.

Even though how a brand will make its content strategy plan will totally depend on its goals and situation, there are some core tactics that any brand can follow to make a proper content strategy plan. We will talk about those measures in this article.

Let’s have a look at the measures you can take to make a content strategy plan for the content marketing of your business. They are-

Defining the Goal of Your Brand

You need to know what you are aiming for while developing your plan for content marketing. You also need to understand why you want to make a content marketing plan and create content. If you have a proper idea about your goals and exactly what you are aiming for, it will be easier for you to begin planning and determine what will be best for your content marketing strategy.

For instance, if you have the goal to get more leads, improve the number of your sales, or just promote your brand and tap into a new audience, you will have to make your content based on that goal.

If you want to increase your sales, but create your content in a way that will just help you reach a larger audience and won’t help much in gaining more leads or sales, you won’t be able to fulfill your marketing goals. So, make sure that you have the proper idea about your goal and then make your content plan based on that.

Conducting Persona Research

You need to clearly understand the target audience of your content, or in other words, your buyer persona, before developing a successful content marketing strategy. This is particularly important for a new business.

If a business gets to know about its target audience properly, it will be able to produce more valuable and relatable content that its audience will like and get engaged with them. As a result, leads and conversion rates will increase.

Also, if your business is an old one, you might still want to know about your buyer persona, if you want to expand your current target audience or tap into a new customer base. You will also need to conduct market research from time to time by revisiting your audience parameters if you want to keep growing your audience and your business.

Running A Content Audit

It’s important to run content audits for assessing how your content is performing. You will need to assess your lowest-performing and top-performing content for venturing out into various content formats.

Even though most brands begin with blog posts, they can venture into other formats by using the information they will get after conducting a content audit. From a content audit, you can get effective content plan ideas.

You should review the efforts you have put into content marketing and their results from the previous years if you have been in business for quite some time.

It will help you figure out what you can do differently in the next year and set different and new benchmarks. Through a content audit, you will be able to identify gaps in topic clusters, determine what will resonate best with the target audience, and brainstorm fresh ideas for new content.

Choosing A Content Management System

Content management includes some of the most important parts of content marketing, such as content creation, content analysis, and content publication.

It’s important that you invest in a proper content management system, as it will help you create your content, and then manage and track them in a sustainable and easy manner. You can try various content management systems or CMS for this task, such as WordPress, HubSpot CMS, etc.

Determining the Type of Content that You Want to Create

Content can be of many different types or formats, and you can choose from any of those options out there for creating your content. The options range from written content like blog posts or ebooks to audio content like podcasts to video content or infographics. You should go for the type that will attract and engage your target audience the most.

Brainstorming Content Ideas

This is the most important part of your content marketing strategy, as it’s a must to come up with the best possible ideas for your next content marketing campaign or content project. There are some tools that can help you with this, such as Feedly, BuzzSumo, BlogAbout, etc.

You will need to track the topics that are trendy in the industry and find fresh and innovative content ideas based on them. Through conducting market research and understanding your buyer persona, you will have to find content ideas that will engage your audience the most and will help you achieve your goals.

Publishing and Managing the Content

You also have to organize your content as a part of your content strategy plan, not just brainstorm content ideas and create content. You need to properly schedule your content for publishing and then timely publish them to create a diverse and well-balanced content library. Many of the content ideas you will have will be timeless, but there will be many other topics that will need to be published timely.

Like most businesses, you can incorporate popular holidays like the new year in your marketing efforts. At the same time, you need to go for niche holidays that will appeal particularly to your target audience. You can try publishing content based on that on your social media or blog site. It’s also important to promote and manage your content throughout different sites.

Final Words

These days content marketing has become one of the most effective strategies of digital marketing. No matter what your goal is regarding your business, content marketing can help you achieve that. Be it tapping into a new audience, or be it getting more conversions or sales, content marketing can help you with that.

However, for doing so you will need to have a proper content marketing strategy, and to make that strategy properly, it’s important for you to follow some steps. You can easily follow the aforementioned steps to create the perfect content strategy plan for your business.