How to Free Up MacBook Storage Space: A Quick Guide


Did you know that the biggest hard drive currently available on the market is an impressive 20 terabytes? That translates to a whopping 20,000 gigabytes.

It could take several lifetimes to fill something like that up. However, these hard drives are often super expensive. This is why it’s better to clear up your MacBook storage so that your computer can run faster and give you more room for important things.

Are you wondering how to fix a slowed Mac that’s full of unnecessary data? Keep reading to learn 5 tips that will help you get an impressive clean.

  1. Empty All Your Trash

If you want to free up storage space on your MacBook, then it might be obvious to empty your desktop trashcan. A lesser-known fact is that Mac laptops and desktop computers have several trash cans. Whenever you delete photos, emails, or movies, these apps will plug up your storage until you empty those trash cans.

You can follow this step by step tutorial on how to free up space on iPhotos.

  1. Delete Apps You Don’t Use

Another simple way you can clear storage space is to get rid of apps you no longer use. When you click on Finder, you can sort your apps by the date you last opened them.

If you notice that any apps haven’t been used for years and you’ll have no need for them in the future, you should get them off your computer.

  1. Delete Old Backups

Every time you plug your iPhone or iPad into your computer and sync on iTunes, a new backup file is created. Backups are essential for digital security in case something ever happens to your electronics, but you can have too much of a good thing.

You only need to hang onto your most recent backup, but you can keep your last two if you want extra peace of mind.

  1. Take Advantage of iCloud

If you’re not ready to say goodbye to some of your files forever, then you always have the option to upload them to iCloud or another storage space. This will allow you to access any document whenever you need it without bogging your computer down.

  1. Use a Tool to Free Mac Storage

The good news is that there are lots of great tools that are designed to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to giving your computer a deep clean. Apps like CleanMyMac 3 and Gemini 2 will scan your computer and make suggestions about what data is safe to delete.

Ready to Clear Up Your MacBook Storage?

Now that you’ve learned all about how to clear up your MacBook storage, your machine will run like a dream again. Plus, you’ll have much more room for the things that matter rather than photos and files you don’t even need.

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