How to Clean Travertine Tile


Travertine tile floors are one of the most popular and beautiful flooring choices available today! But did you know that most travertine floors are being slowly destroyed by improper care?

Sadly, most people don’t know how to care for their travertine floors in the right way. That not only makes them look bad, it causes permanent damage to the stone.

Keep on reading to learn how to clean travertine flooring the right way!

What Is Travertine Tile?

Travertine tile is made from travertine stone, a type of limestone that forms naturally from minerals found in freshwater. It’s a beautiful stone that comes in a variety of pale earthy shades.

Because of the processes that form travertine stone, it has a naturally porous structure. This porous structure is one of the things that gives travertine its classical, timeless beauty. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the things that make travertine prone to damage if it isn’t cared for properly.

Protect Your Travertine

One of the best things that you can do to protect your travertine tile is to seal it when it’s installed. When you seal your travertine it fills the natural holes in the surface of the tile and prevents moisture and dirt from getting into the stone and damaging it.

After the initial sealant is done during installation, your travertine floors should be resealed on a regular basis to keep them protected. Sealing travertine floor tiles creates a barrier that prevents dirt from getting into the pores of the stone and causing stains. It will also keep moisture from penetrating into the tile and causing mold to form.

How to seal travertine floor tile is no more complicated than mopping the floor, so don’t worry! Your travertine tile sealant will have specific application instructions on the bottle.

Cleaning Tips for Travertine

Travertine tile is prone to damage from harsh cleaners and rough scrubbing, so it’s best to clean it gently on a regular basis.

Your travertine care tool kit should include:

  • A soft-bristled broom or a dust mop
  • A microfiber mop
  • A grout cleaning brush
  • Travertine tile safe floor cleaner
  • Travertine tile sealant
  • Baking soda for cleaning the grout
  • Towels for quick drying and mopping up spills

Sweep your travertine floors daily to prevent dirt from getting ground into the surface of the stone. A quick run over them with a dust mop will do just fine. Also, make sure that if anything is spilled on travertine tile you mop it up immediately, if spills are allowed to sit they may stain your tile.

Mopping Travertine

Travertine flooring doesn’t like to be too wet, so use a damp microfiber mop to clean it instead of a wet cotton-type mop. Mopping with a damp mop and a gentle cleanser on a regular basis will keep your floors clean and protected.

The stone can be damaged by acidic or harsh cleansers, so do not use things like vinegar or bleach to mop these floors. Make sure that the cleanser you use says that it’s safe for use on travertine tile.

Beautiful Floors for Years to Come

I hope that you’ve enjoyed learning all there is to know about caring for your travertine tile floors! Using these tips to clean and protect your floors will keep your travertine tile looking beautiful for years to come!

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