How to Choose a Magazine Name


Even in 2020, the magazine world saw new entries into the print world, with sixty magazine launches despite the events of that year. Starting a new magazine can be a hard process, and one of the hardest parts of that is trying to think of a competitive magazine name. So, how do you go about choosing one that evokes what your magazine is about while also bringing more people into your readership?

Below we lay out the advice that we have to help you choose a magazine name. By the end of this article, you should have the steps that you need to take to ensure that your magazine can hold its own in a cutthroat market. So, read on and learn more about this niche of magazine launches.

Basic Search

With the cost to print a magazine so high, you do not want to print your first run only to find that a name is already taken. Thus, at the very least, do a basic Google search for every name that you consider.

You may find that someone else has chosen it. This prevents you from having to deal with trademark issues and allows you to focus on what matters instead.

Performing a search also helps you avoid some of the more dangerous names out there. Names that have double meanings or look like other words for body parts. Urban Dictionary is useful if you want to find the colloquial meanings for some words but bear in mind not all definitions have had reviews.


By engaging in puns, acronyms, abbreviations, and other forms of wordplay, you can show that you are a fun or intelligent publication. It also allows you to show multiple themes for your magazine simultaneously.

For example, if you had a magazine about music and sport, you could call your publication “Pitch Perfect.” This shows both of your themes while also provoking a chuckle from your potential readers.

Change the Spelling

When you create a magazine title, it could be as simple as changing the spelling of a common word. A book about monkeys, for example, could be called “Monki.” If it were an online magazine publication, you could even call it MONKi, emphasizing the digital nature of the publication with an Internet “i.”

Changing the spelling also helps with differentiating you from others who might have a close trademark. You then have more options for a magazine name moving forward.

Time to Pick Your Magazine Name

Now that you have options for your magazine name, you can go forward and pick one, knowing that you have performed your due diligence. If you still want to know more about the magazine publishing world, though, you can always check out our blog.

We provide many articles about a wide range of topics that might appeal to your interests or help you achieve your goals out in the world. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a read today.