How to Build an At-Home Gym Setup You’ll Be Motivated to Use


Did you know that as many as four out of five Americans aren’t getting enough exercise each week?

One of the top reasons why people struggle to meet their fitness goals is that they don’t have enough time in their busy schedules. By creating your own home gym, you won’t have to drive to a gym or spend money on a membership.

With so many perks to enjoy, you might be wondering what you should do to create the perfect at-home gym setup. Keep reading for some clever tips that will make this process simple.

Set Your Budget and Priorities

It would be easy for anyone to design an incredible gym if money wasn’t an issue. Since most people have limits to how much they’re comfortable spending, you should set a firm budget before you start shopping.

You should also consider which pieces of equipment you need to have and what you’d like to have. This will allow you to spend more money on essentials and see what’s leftover.

Center Your Home Gym Setup Around Your Interests

Working out at home shouldn’t feel like a chore. Instead of buying things that are marketed as the ultimate calorie burners or muscle builders, you should only focus on your interests.

For example, if you enjoy swimming or you have health needs that require low-impact workouts, you should think about getting a pool. You can learn more about what to avoid when installing a pool.

Consider Shopping for Used Home Gym Equipment

It’s a common trend to buy a gym membership in January then never go again after a month or so. This same principle applies to at-home gyms as well.

Since there are plenty of people who buy new exercise equipment and rarely use it, you can score some incredible deals. Browse around and see what’s out there before buying new.

Find the Right Space

Whether you’re debating a garage, spare bedroom, or backyard gym setup, there is no perfect space that applies to every person’s home. As a general rule of thumb, your gym should be somewhere that is spacious and free of distractions.

If space is an issue, then it’s helpful to take advantage of storage options that allow rooms to have multiple purposes.

Create the Perfect Workout Atmosphere

In addition to removing any distractions that could hinder your workouts, your home gym should get you inspired.

Installing a big mirror can help you maintain proper form and keep track of your progress. Having a nice speaker can let you play upbeat music that pumps you up.

Are You Ready to Design Your At-Home Gym Setup?

Learning how to design your ideal at-home gym setup doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. By following these steps, you can add more joy to your workouts and accomplish your fitness goals.

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