How to Be the Best Tenant Applicant: 4 Tips to Always Get the Apartment


It’s a jungle out there! Yes, but an urban one. If you are currently in the process of finding an apartment to rent, then you have probably heard this sentence way too many times.

The truth is, with so many people looking for a place to live and not that many awesome (and affordable) apartments available in the location you like, getting your hands on your dream property might feel like an almost impossible feat.

One of the key aspects that determine whether or not you are going to get the house is, you guessed it, your rental application. In this guide, we will show you how to show landlords what a great tenant applicant you are — get ready to call that moving company ASAP!

1. Solid Rental History

If this is not your first time renting, and if your previous experiences were great, then be sure to let your future landlord know. Landlords love to hear positive experiences from other fellow property owners, so any good feedback on you can be very helpful.

2. Flawless References

If you need to fill in a tenant rental application form such as those at, you’ll probably need to provide references. Generally, suitable references are those that come from your current or past employer, so be sure to include those in your application if you want to stand out as a great, reliable tenant.

3. Good, Steady Income

Another unbeatable way to demonstrate that you are the best tenant applicant is to show that you are in good and steady employment. This speaks volumes about your solid financial situation, which in turn gives landlords greater peace of mind that their property will be kept in a good state, and that rent and bills will always be paid on time.

4. No Criminal Record

Imagine being a landlord yourself and finding out that the person you are renting your property to has a long criminal record. Surely, you wouldn’t want them living on your property, would you? This is why having a spotless criminal background is so essential if you want to be considered the best rental applicant.

Be the Best Tenant Applicant, Every Time

Ensuring that you are the best tenant applicant out there is the key to securing the property of your dreams. To achieve this, you will need to demonstrate that you are currently employed and with a steady income, that you have no criminal record, and that your references are spotless.

It can also help to maintain an outgoing yet professional attitude when you communicate with your landlord, as this will show them that you are a reliable person who’s willing to take good care of their property.

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