How Real Estate Marketing Postcards Can Help You Generate Leads


The real estate market is fierce, and it’s important to do everything you can to stand out and let people know you’re the go-to person for their real estate needs. Marketing yourself is crucial to make people associate your name and brand with a successful realtor.

One way to stand out is by sending real estate marketing postcards to a local area, also known as a farm. Some companies have templates to choose from and even manage the shipping for you, making the process efficient and smooth.

Click here to check out some ready-made postcard templates that can be tweaked to fit your needs.

Types of Real Estate Marketing Postcards

First things first: decide where you want to farm for leads. Learn everything you can about the area, the types of homes built there, and the kinds of people who make it their home. This will help you tailor the postcards to reach residents.

Then consider which postcards you’d like to send. You want to make sure to rotate between a few different designs, so you aren’t sending the same things over and over. Some options include:

  • Just Listed postcards let people know there’s a new home for sale in their area. This includes information like the asking price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and assorted features.
  • Open House postcards keep people in the loop about upcoming open houses in their area. Even if they aren’t planning to move anytime soon, they might stop by anyway just to see the home and speak with you.
  • Under Contract/Just Sold postcards let neighbors know your listing went under contract and then eventually what the home sold for. This gives them an idea of what they could potentially get for their home, should they decide to sell.
  • Market update postcards give people a more general update about the market in their area. Valuable information such as the average listing price, number of homes on the market, and price per sq ft further lets people imagine what they might get for their house.

After the initial time taken to set up your postcards and designate where they should be shipped, they will do the work for you by reaching out to make connections.

How Effective Are Real Estate Postcards?

There’s nothing like brand association. With real estate marketing postcards depicting your name, contact information, and picture, people will see that you’ve got a command of the real estate market. They will remember you when they need a realtor.

The automation factor means you will save hours of time you’d normally spend going door to door. Putting in initial work has long term payoffs. Focusing on the same area will help people remember that you’re the go-to agent in the neighborhood. Just be cognizant of market saturation—if there is already a successful agent in the area, you may want to try elsewhere.

Postcards Effectively Generate Leads

You owe it to yourself and your business to start sending real estate marketing postcards. People will know you are the person who knows the market and can help them whether they want to buy or sell.