How Do Roofing Contractors Tackle Solar Panel Integration?

Solar technician inspecting solar panel

Installing a high-quality solar panel is the best way to save the environment and reduce the cost of utility bills. But, how will you install the solar panel system? You can hire Cave Creek roofing contractors to install your solar panel.

A solar panel comprises solar photovoltaic panels linked to different components for controlling sun-generated energy.

The solar panel’s components are quite bulky. That is why professional roofers should be highly cautious while dealing with the panel. They often need to work near the roof’s edge. In some cases, solar system installation involves using electricity. Thus, roofers know the importance of staying careful during a roof installation project.

Factors that are important before integrating a solar power system

Professional roofers like to consider a few factors for installing the solar panel system.

Your daily power needs – You should determine power usage needs in the present and the future. How much energy do you consume? Do you want to install modern electric appliances in the coming years?

Sun hours – Solar panels are the best choice for houses in sunny climatic regions. Solar energy can easily be produced as the panels receive direct sun rays.

Design and size of your house – The solar panel layout and size will be based on the physical details of your house. Buildings with a considerable roof space may accommodate larger panels that produce more electricity.

Roof condition – The health of your roof is another factor for solar panel installation. Address the potential issues before setting up the panel.

Buy the right solar panel for installation

Professional roofers will help you buy the best solar panels compatible with your roof. There should be space to hold the panels. In some cases, you need to cut branches or trees. You should also upgrade your electrical panel.

Elsewhere, the solar panel’s size is highly important for getting the desired result. Some homeowners like to use solar energy just for lighting purposes. What’s more, an electrical permit is essential in some localities.

The main installation steps for solar panels

Professional roofers undergo different steps for installing the solar panel.

  • Components used for solar panels may not be the same in every project. So, the solar panel installation needs are different in every case.
  • Measure the layout and make proper markings. Install the racking system based on the manufacturers’ instructions. Professionals will seal holes through shingles using a silicone caulk.
  • The panels are now ready for installation. Roofers have to connect the racking to the PV panels using some clamps. It enables them to be in a proper place. Use a wire to connect every panel to other nearby panels.
  • Heat sinks are effective in alleviating heat generation by panels. Professionals will integrate heat sinks or add external heat sinks.
  • During a solar panel installation, it is essential to set up the charge controller that delivers electricity. It allows the flow of electric current into batteries.

So, these are some steps for integrating solar panel systems into your house.