How Can You Solve MS Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Doesn’t Recognize the File Issue?


The PST data files of MS Outlook are extremely fragile and prone to frequent corruption. If the corruption on the PST data files is minor, you can use the Inbox Repair Tool that will help you recover the corrupted PST files. MS Outlook developers are well aware of the corruption problem of the PST data files. This is why they include this software in their MS Outlook account.

However, the Inbox Repair Tool or ScanPST tool will fail to work if the corruption on the PST data files is severe. When this issue “MS Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Does Not Recognize the File” pops up, this means that the PST files are severely corrupted.

Even though it’s not impossible to address this problem, you need to know about the root causes of this problem so that you can prevent them from coming back.

Causes of Inbox Repair Tool Doesn’t Recognize the File Issue

As mentioned earlier, the MS Outlook PST files are extremely vulnerable to corruption. Therefore, it’s essential to create a backup of the PST files regularly. Make sure you back up all the important Outlook data files. This is because even if the PST files are corrupted and lost, you will still be able to back up the previous version.

If the outlook PST file corruption is minor, you can use the Inbox Repair Tool or ScanPST which is free and comes as in-built software with the MS Outlook application. However, sometimes the ScanPST files won’t prove effective at recovering the corrupted PST files. To recover the corrupted outlook data files, you need to use third-party PST file recovery software. Here are some reasons why the Inbox Repair Tool doesn’t recognize the file.

MS Outlook Version Update 

The chances of PST data file corruption are extremely high whenever MS Outlook users try to upgrade the current low version of MS Outlook to a higher version. This is probably one of the most common causes behind this issue. Even though the MS Outlook version gets updated, the files of MS Outlook remain the same and are not updated properly. This is why the PST data files become inaccessible. Therefore, you need to update all the PST files properly.

The Networks are Unsecured 

This is another most common reason behind this issue. If the MS Outlook users share their PST files on any type of unsecured network, then users will face problems accessing the PST files. This will cause severe corruption of the PST files. Despite knowing this point, many users still share their PST files on an unsecured network. As per Godspeed, unsecured networks or public Wi-Fi can cause cyber-attacks.

Large Size of the PST Files

The size of the PST files will increase. When the size of the PST files crosses the designated size, it will cause overflow which will lead to PST file corruption. If the MS Outlook user received hundreds of emails in their mailbox and chooses to keep the PST files without deleting them, the size will continue to increase and result in PST file corruption. Inbox Repair Tool will fail to solve your problem if the corruption is severe.

Corruption of the External Storage 

If you use any external storage system and the device corrupts due to unforeseen circumstances, it will affect the data files that are present inside the disk. Hard drives or SSDs are the primary storage option of any system. Therefore, if the internal storage system faces a problem, the PST files stored inside the storage system will also corrupt. These corrupted PST files are undoubtedly extremely difficult to recover.

You Try Untrusted Tools

You will find numerous PST data file recovery software items on the market. However, not all of them are reliable or effective. Not to mention, some OST recovery tools are also known for breaching sensitive data.

Therefore, while addressing large corrupted PST files, you need to ensure you’re choosing the best PST file recovery tool. Make sure you use the Datanumen PST file recovery tool that will help you recover the damaged or corrupted PST files without any problem.

Can You Replace the PST Data Files with a Backup PST File to Solve this Issue?

Many MS Outlook users know the importance of taking regular backup of their PST files. Now that you already created a backup of the PST files in your system, you will be able to use the specific backup PST data file to replace the corrupted one. This method is more effective at recovering the damaged PST files. Make sure you always create a backup of the current PST files that you want to replace.

  • Open the MS Outlook application
  • Click on Account Settings and choose the Info tab
  • Choose the Data Files and find out the proper location of the existing Data Files.


You won’t face any problem repairing the PST data files and solving this error. If you have any other issues, make sure you contact us.