How Can You Grow Your E-Commerce Sales?


E-Commerce sales have been steadily increasing, particularly in the global marketplace. As global sales grow, so does your competition. Getting enough sales to stay competitive is challenging, but investing your resources strategically can enable you to sustain growth.

Here are some simple but effective ways to build up a bigger volume of sales every quarter.

Make Great Customer Service a Top Priority

Despite having the lowest price on an item, you may not win the business of online shoppers who are wary about your storefront’s service. A strong emphasis on customer service that’s reflected in outstanding reviews can offer shoppers the reassurance they need to place an order.

Be Accessible

Accessibility is a key element in shaping positive customer experiences. If a person has a question about an item they’re interested in getting, having a direct way to reach you could be crucial to getting the sale.

Integrate contact forms into your web design, and consider implementing a live chat function. Give people the option of reaching you by phone as well. A VoIP option will probably be the best way to field your customers’ calls, so read a good guide on cloud phone systems to review features that help businesses.

Expand Shipping Options

The cost and speed of shipping can be determination factors in an online shopper’s choice of an e-commerce retailer. The most popular merchants offer free shipping options, so it’s really important that you’re able to offer free shipping options once customers have spent a threshold amount. If it seems cost-prohibitive with your current carriers, find out if working with a 3PL company could put free shipping closer within your reach.

Expedited shipping can also be a big draw for shoppers who have time-sensitive plans for their orders. When people need to get an item quickly, they expect to pay a premium and they’re not inflexible in that respect.

However, they generally are quite inflexible about turnaround times. After all, that’s what they’re paying a premium for. For fast delivery times, you need to pick a carrier that’s affordable but reliable.

Invite Repeat Business With Promotions

Anytime that you’ve made a sale with someone, you want it to be the first of many. Send customers a promotional offer for a percentage off of their next order with you. Referral incentives are another good tactic to convert one sale into several.

Ultimately, investing resources wisely will boost your sales. Great service, smart marketing, and strong organizational infrastructure can equip your storefront to increase profits.