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Is your Honda generator now no longer starting? Are you having Honda EU20i troubles? If you want to know about Honda Generators Repairs, this article will help you a lot.

Read on to look at the problems and their actual solution…

Problems with Honda Generators and Their Causes

Honda generators are built to last and are built to resist harsh conditions. They can, however, have problems, just like any other piece of power equipment.

The following are the most typical Honda generator issues we encounter.

The generator won’t start

Possible reasons for a Honda generator now no longer beginning are:

  1. An engine fault, e.g., it has seized.
  2. The engine oil degree is just too low
  3. There isn’t sufficient gasoline withinside the tank, the incorrect form of gasoline has been used, and/or gasoline has been left sitting withinside the tank for a long term with our use
  4. The trouble with the carburetor, e.g., it’s clogged the trouble with the battery or the battery desires charged (now no longer all Honda mills have a battery)
  5. The gasoline valve, choke, and/or engine forestall transfer becomes off
  6. A blockage withinside the air filter
  7. The spark plug is fouled, e.g. it’s dirty
  8. The generator is getting used withinside the incorrect environment, e.g., there isn’t sufficient air glide or it’s on an unlevel surface

The generator isn’t placing out right amount of energy

Possible reasons for the engine jogging however the generator now no longer placing out energy are:

  • Overloading has brought about the alternator to reduce out
  • An electric fault, e.g. harm to the stator, a quick circuit, or a free wiring connection trouble with the capacitor

The generator will start for some seconds then it will stop working

Possible reasons for this are:

  • Overloading
  • The engine oil degree is just too low/high
  • An engine faults
  • An electric fault
  • The trouble with the capacitor
  • The trouble with the carburetor
  • The trouble with the battery and/or the battery desires charged
  • The choke is becoming on
  • A blockage withinside the air filter
  • The spark plug is fouled
  • The generator is getting used withinside the incorrect environment

The generator’s engine/energy is fluctuating up and down

This is known as searching or surging. Possible reasons for this are:

  • Overloading
  • An engine fault
  • Electric fault trouble with the carburetor
  • The choke is becoming on
  • A blockage withinside the air filter
  • The spark plug is fouled
  • The generator is getting used withinside the incorrect environment

Smoke coming from the Honda Generator

A viable purpose for this-

  • The incorrect form of gasoline has been used
  • The engine oil degree is just too excessive or the incorrect form of engine oil has been used
  • There’s an oil leak, e.g. the seals at the oil tank are worn
  • The valve manual seal and/or the cylinder bore are worn
  • The piston jewelry is broken/worn, e.g. oil is leaking withinside the piston head
  • The trouble with the carburetor

The starter mechanism isn’t work

A viable purpose is-

  • The drawback is broken
  • The engine is seized

Generator is spilling fuel.

The following are some possible causes:

  • The gasket and/or seals have deteriorated.
  • The fuel hose is prone to wear & damage.
  • There’s an issue with the carburetor.

Explore the solution for Honda Generator repair :

  • Follow these solution in case of Fuel problem

Fuel has a tendency to degrade whilst it’s far saved and rancid gas is a not unusual place reason for generator failure. This is why it’s far essential to empty a transportable generator while you intend to keep it for lengthy durations of time. If gas stale gas is the suspected problem, the tank must be tired and clean gas added. You must additionally test that the gas shutoff valve isn’t always engaged.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, it’s far viable that the stale gas has clogged the gas lines, engine, or gas pump. In such instances, a mechanic may also want to manually smooth those additives to do away with the clog.


Low oil degrees can save you a transportable generator from the beginning and might reason everlasting harm to the generator. Typically, low oil is indicated through the sensor while it detects inadequate oil withinside the generator. If there’s enough oil withinside the reservoir however the oil mild is on, you could have a defective sensor that desires to replace.


Clogged air filters are not unusual to place trouble with transportable energy generators. If you generally perform the generator in dusty environments which include barns or creation sites, you want to frequently smooth or alternate your air filters. Clogged filters avoid the right ratio of fuel line to air which prevents the green operation of the generator. While it can be tempting to run the generator without an air clear-out attached, this needs to by no means be attempted. Doing so can purpose everlasting harm to the engine.


Solution 1-   Firstly you have to check the Spark Plug

When the generator won’t begin first of all you Inspect the spark plug, use a spark plug tester. if the spark plug is defective, extrude the spark plug.

Solution 2- Carburetor

A crammed carburetor is common because of the gasoline leaving the generator for an extended time. Over time, a number of the fabric withinside the gasoline may also evaporate, leaving a thick, viscous substance. This viscous oil can maintain the carburetor and block the engine from the beginning.

Solution 3- Ignition Coil

The ignition coil sends voltage to the spark plug while the engine is running. If the ignition coil is defective, the engine can not begin. Before changing the ignition coil, ensure that the spark plug is operating properly. Test the ignition coil with the assistance of an ignition coil tester. If it’s far in a defective stage, update the ignition coil.

Solution 4- Recoil Starter testing

The drawback starter elements interact with the crankshaft to show the engine. If this starter meeting is defective, it can now no longer connect the crankshaft correctly. Remove the starter meeting and look into it to decide if it’s far operating properly. When you pull the starter rope, the tabs and cams sticking out from the pulley have to maintain the hub at the engine, inflicting the engine to show. When you launch the rope, the tab has to retract and convey the rope lower back to the pulley.

Solution 5- Start Switch

The trouble of the generator, now no longer beginning also can be resulting from the fault of the beginning transfer. To decide that the beginning transfer is defective, use a multimeter to check it for continuity. The transfer needs to have an open touch withinside the ‘off’ function and a closed touch withinside the ‘on’ function.


Residual magnetism is misplaced whilst mills take a seat down unused for lengthy periods, whilst the generator runs and not using a load for too lengthy, or whilst the generator is attached to the burden whilst its miles close off. When this happens, you could join the generator to a 12-volt battery or plugin a drill and use the movement of the drill to generate an electrical modern-day to repair the magnetism in the generator.


Solution 1- Checking the Carburetor Gasket

Check all carburetor gaskets, carburetor gasket is probably dried out or missing.

Solution 2- test Fuel line

Inspect gasoline line can be gasoline line is cracked. If any gasoline line is cracked or dry, update them.

Solution 3- Fuel tank-

The gasoline tank is probably cracked or has a small leak. If you find any sort of leak factor withinside the gasoline tank, it’s a time to update the gasoline tank.

Solution 4- You have to go for Primer Blub Test

The primer bulb can be in a leaking condition. Over the season, the rubber of the primer bulb can end up breakable and cracked. If the primer bulb is leaking, extrude it. Do bulbs no longer try and patch or restore the primer bulb.



Solution 1-  Testing the condition of the Voltage Regulator

The voltage regulator transfers the precise quantity of voltage strength from the alternator to hold the battery charged. If the voltage regulator is bad, the battery will now no longer get sufficient voltage, as a way to drain the battery quickly.

Solution 2- Alternator

To decide if the alternator is at fault, use a multimeter to check it for continuity.


Solution 1- Carburetor

If the vintage gas becomes left withinside the engine for an extended time, a number of the risky substances ought to evaporate, leaving a thick, viscous product that would create trouble becomes inside the carburetor. The answer is to smooth the carburetor with the assist of a carburetor cleaner. If it isn’t effective, update the complete carburetor.

Solution 2- Inspect the gas cap

If the gas cap vent is complete, the air will now no longer input the tank and it stops the waft of gas to the carburetor inflicting the engine to stall. If every so often the gas cap vent is complete, loosen the cap barely after which attempt to begin the engine. If loosening the gas cap continues the engine walking its miles probably complete and must be replaced.

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FAQs About Honda Generators 

Can Honda generators be repaired?

Yes! But if the mentioned recommendations don’t settle your problem, it is recommended that you get your generator fixed up at an Authorized Service Centre.

Is there a recall on Honda generators?

Honda has recalled 200,000 inverter mills bought between February 2018 and February 2019 due to the fact they can leak fuel from the gas valve, posing a hearthplace hazard. Honda has obtained 19 reviews of fuel leaking from the gas valve, however, the Consumer Product Safety Commission hasn’t obtained any reviews of accidents related to the generator.

The recollect includes 3 versions of the equal version of transportable generator—the Honda EU2200i, the EU2200i Companion, and the EB2200i. A Honda spokesman stated that the flaw may be attributed to a production defect. “The screws used to bring together the gas valve can also additionally loosen in the course of use, permitting the valve to leak gas,” says Davis Adams, communications supervisor for Honda’s power-system division.

Consumer Reports hasn’t examined the Honda EU2200i inverter generator however has examined the Honda EG2800i, which became the situation of an in advance recollect. That recollect concerned 34,000 mills that would probably leak gas from the carburetor.

How do I service my Honda generator?

You can Add Stabil Fuel Stabilizer to Maintain Portable Generator.

A bad fuel line can kill any engine, inflicting the want for a few critical servicing. And fuelling that sits withinside the tank will move badly.

By following those easy steps, I was capable of maintaining our Honda generator appearing as expected, even in bloodless weather.

  • Start your engines…

Regularly run your transportable generator to save your fuel line from settling, going stale, and maintain gasoline transferring via the lines. The longer you wait, the extra instances you’ll note it takes pulling the starter twine to get and maintain it running.

Once started, permit the generator to run approximately 10 mins to transport sufficient gasoline via the lines.

  • Adding stabil fuel stabilizer can be a good option.

With every sparkling tank of fuel line, upload a few Sta-Bil Storage Fuel Stabilizers.

Sta-Bil Storage continues gasoline sparkling for as much as 24 months. It gets rid of want to empty vintage fuel online previous to engine storage, or extended intervals of non-use.

You can use Stabill to make certain quick, clean begins off evolved each time. The product is powerful in all fuel engines, along with 2-cycle motors.

  • Clean the air clear out.

Remove the facet panel of the Honda two hundred collection generator to get admission to the engine compartment. Loosen the retainer nut and cast off the air clear out. Blow out the clear out to cast off amassed dirt and particles.

  • Check the oil, often.

Remove the dipstick, and wipe it clean. Reinsert it into the reservoir and cast off it to check out the oil level. Look for particles within side the oil, and pinnacle off with 10W-forty motor oil if necessary.

Honda shows an oil alternate is needed after the primary 20 hours of use, and each six months thereafter.

Of course, this will depend upon what number of hours you run your generator every month. I’ve most effectively modified ours a pair instances over the last dozen-plus years.

For simplest results, an area the transportable generator to your truck tailgate. Have a person assist you with the aid of using putting a huge field below the oil spout, as you tip the generator forward. Drain very well and fill up with sparkling oil.