Hippie Costume Ideas for Halloween


Are you looking to mix up your Halloween costume this year?

Hippies are both culturally and politically relevant, making them a great choice to dress up as. With plenty of accessories and elements to work with, you’ll be able to put together a great hippie costume that’s fun and interactive. Plus, with so much to choose from, you’ll always be able to enjoy accessorizing and expressing yourself.

If you want to dive into some ideas, read on. We’ll show you what to look for, how to put together a costume, and where to get the best parts.

Festival Fashion

When it comes to festival fashion, there is no shortage of ideas for Halloween. Whether you want to go as a flower child, a tie-dye goddess, or a peace-loving Woodstock baby, there are plenty of ways to channel your inner hippie.

For those looking to create this look, a few key pieces include tie-dye shirts, denim cutoff shorts, fringed vests, floral crowns, and boho dresses linked here. With a little imagination and some DIY spirit, you can have a one-of-a-kind costume that is sure to stand out from the rest.

Flower Power

A simple way is to wear all white. This could be a sundress for girls or jeans of this color and a flowy white shirt for boys.

Add a headband with a peace sign and some feathers. For a more creative costume, make a peace sign out of flowers or a real one. Add some flower accessories to your hair and jewelry to complete the look.

Keep it Groovy

1969 was a groovy year for fashion. For Halloween, many people choose to dress up in the 1960s “hippie” style to channel the style of the times.

Costume ideas can include flower children, tie-dye shirts, peace signs, and big, round sunglasses. Bell bottom jeans or go-go boots are the perfect finishing touches to any outfit.

If you want a more contemporary take on the hippie style, try pairing denial print leggings or a denim vest with a flowy top. Accessorize with peace sign jewelry and add a headband or bandana for a finishing touch. No matter which direction you go, you’re sure to look groovy in a hippie costume with a little bit of creativity.

Tippy Threads

You will need the following items: black leggings, a black long sleeve shirt, black boots, and a black tutu. Simply put on the leggings and shirt, and then slip on the tutu over top.

Add the boots to finish the look. You’ll be sure to get compliments all night long! With a wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect ensemble for your Halloween party.

And don’t forget the hippie accessories! Peace signs, flowers, and funky jewelry are all essential to a tippy thread outfit.

Hippie Costume That Suits Your Style

Whether you’re looking for a DIY costume or something you can buy, these hippie costume ideas are perfect for Halloween. With a little bit of creativity, you can put together one that is both unique and fun.

So, get your groove on and start planning today. And, don’t forget to have a happy and safe Halloween!

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