Healthcare Programs and Degrees That Take 2 Years or Less


More than 2.5 million new jobs are expected to add to the healthcare industry from 2020 to 2030 in the US.

The healthcare industry is in constant search right now, trying to find motivated and passionate learners.

If you are interested in caring for others as a career, you should consider some of the fast-track programs.

Continue reading to discover some of the best healthcare programs that you can complete within 2 years!

Diploma of Practical Nursing

One of the best healthcare programs to join is the diploma in practical nursing (DPN).

You can earn this diploma within a year and be working in a doctor’s office. With this diploma, your job title would get labeled as a licensed practical nurse. Although you can’t handle all of the responsibilities that an RN would take care of, it’s still a rewarding career.

Many people earn their associate’s or bachelor’s degrees once they seek career advancements.

Health IT Program

If you are interested in IT careers in healthcare, you can earn a degree within a year and a half.

You can complete this program online if you visit UMA and apply. The UMA teaches future healthcare professionals the foundational skills to be in the industry.

This will help you get entry-level roles in the healthcare industry, where there is plenty of room for growth. You will learn about medical billing, diagnoses, and the entire patient experience.

Medical Assistant

While searching for online healthcare degrees, you may come across medical assistance.

Depending on how much education you get, you can become an assistant in 1 to 2 years. You can take classes online or find a local college to obtain a diploma or associate’s degree. With an associate’s degree, you will make more money and gain responsibilities.

As a medical assistant, you should expect to make around $35,000 a year depending on your experience and education level.

Associate in Healthcare Administration

Healthcare administration is just as important as the doctors providing treatment.

Without healthcare administrators, offices wouldn’t be able to function. You can become a secretary, admin coordinator, or representative for patients. This is a wonderful degree to obtain if you like working in an office setting and have an organized work ethic.

When you get everything that you want from your admin degree you can get your bachelor’s and master’s degrees for leadership roles. As a higher-up, you can influence office decisions and patient care at your facility.

Which Healthcare Programs Will Benefit Your Career?

Learning about different healthcare programs can help you get into the field without going into much debt.

These programs can get you working in the industry and there are plenty of opportunities for advancement. As you earn more certifications or higher degrees, you will make more money and have more career options. Paying attention to your interests can help you determine the best fit.

Don’t be afraid to talk to a mentor or guidance counselor for help with deciding.

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