All You Need to Know About GST Certificate Download


The Indian Government introduced Goods and Services Tax or SAT in 2017 to ensure small businesses and individuals got under the Government’s same umbrella.

GST has replaced the multilayer taxes like VAT, services tax, etc. At present, SMEs and MSMEs only have to pay CST to the central Government and SGST to the state government under which they are operating.

With this new implementation, businesses and individual service providers now have to get their GST certificate download by GST number to ensure they can operate under legal permission. Besides that, the businesses must display their GST certificate and GST number in their business location.

If you have applied for a GST certificate, here are the details on the GST certificate download by GST number-


One has to register on the government website to get their GST number. At present, the Government only offers online and soft copies of the certificate. So, you have to go online to get a GST certificate download by GST number.

But you have to register on the official GST website to ensure you get your certificate.

  • First, open the GST website.
  • Then you have to navigate to the “Services” section and select “New Registration.”
  • The site will open the GST registration form. Here you have to provide all your credentials, and the site will provide you with a TRN number.
  • After you reduce the TRN number, you need to complete the whole procedure within 15 days. This includes your business’s details, partner details(if any), authorized representative, and authorized signature. Including business locations, bank account details related to the business, etc.
  • The site will verify the documents after registration, and you will receive an acknowledgement number of ARN in your email. You can log in to the site again to check the GST status. In general, the GST certificate gets approved after thorough checking.

After your registration and verification procedure is successful, you can easily download the certificate. Here are the steps for this-

  1. First, you have to login into the official website using your username and password.
  2. Next, go to the service menu and find “User services.” Now, click on the “View/ Download certificates.”
  3. Here your certificate will be displayed. Now you can download it.

Benefits of GST

GST, the new-age business tax system, comes with many benefits. Here are the main benefits of GST-

You get a simple yet concise tax format.

For any business, submitting and fixing multiple taxes becomes complicated. You need to go through the same process, repeatedly and it may cause you extra money and wastage of time. But with GST, now a business only has to pay a single and concise tax. It has made everything easier and simpler.

Proper management of the SMEs and MSMEs

It is among the most notable benefits of GST.  With GST, the Government has taken the small-scale and unorganized businesses under the same umbrella and has provided them with a comprehensive platform.


Downloading a GST certificate is simple, and anyone can easily complete it through the official website. GST can help businesses grow stronger and remain under legal protection for a better future.