Growing Your Business: A New Landscaper’s Guide to Gardening Tools


Do you look at a yard and envision all the potential it has and what design options would enhance the landscape best? If so, a career as a professional landscaper might be for you.

But before you begin, you need the right equipment and gardening tools.

Here are some of the best tools for gardening and landscaping.

Shovels and Spades

You should have a selection of tools for gardening suited to both big and small projects. That means having a wide selection of shovels, spades, and other digging tools.

A round-point shovel is your go-to tool for digging and lifting soil. The shape is perfect for digging into any tough soil, and the rim allows you to place your foot down for added pressure.

Square shovels or scoops are best for cutting, edging, digging, and hauling sod.

You should also have a good selection of spades, including a drain spade, trenching spade, and garden spade.


The trowel is one of the best tools for gardening as it’s sturdy and versatile. It’s designed for precision digging in small areas. The narrow blade and scooped design are perfect for placing plants.

A transplanter has a narrower blade, which allows for precise transplanting. It’s also great for reaching underneath the root system.


A few sturdy rakes are essential gardening tools you need in your truck.

Leaf rakes are designed to collect leaves, grass clippings, and yard debris like small branches or twigs. This type of rake comes in poly or steel designs and in many sizes. It’s good to have a few in your set of tools to tackle a variety of jobs.

Garden rakes have short and rigid tines designed to break into hard ground. You can also use this tool to move mulch or compost around with the flat bar.

Leaf Blowers

Having a good leaf blower on hand will make your job a lot easier. A backpack leaf blower is comfortable to wear, powerful, and compact. Leaf blowers quickly and efficiently move leaves, grass clippings, and small yard debris off of pathways and patios.

Learn more info and pick one up to make year-round cleanup a breeze.

Gardening Clothes

You’ll need some landscaping clothes to go with your basic gardening tools. Having performance clothing that keeps you cool and comfortable even on swelting summer days will make a huge difference.

Don’t forget about shoes. You’ll want a comfortable and sturdy pair of shoes or boots that hold up against dirt, mud, and wet conditions.

Lastly, you’ll need a durable pair of landscaping gloves to protect yourself against cuts and blisters. It’s a good idea to have a pair of gardening gloves for basic tasks and landscaping gloves for tougher jobs.

The Right Gardening Tools for Successful Landscaping

These basic gardening tools will help you become a successful landscaper. Add a few different options and sizes to your truck, so you’re prepared for any type of landscaping job.

Of course, this is just the beginning. To learn more about how to make your landscaping business a success, be sure to read more of our business and marketing articles.