Groom Wedding Attire: 10 Must-Haves for the Modern Groom


Wedding planning can be a stressful affair. The process is full of potential mistakes. With so many factors to consider you may feel overwhelmed. However, there is an easy way to de-stress and avoid them.

Looking for a groom’s wedding attire can seem like a daunting task. However, by familiarizing yourself with the latest trends, you can look great on your big day. After all, you want to look like a million dollars.

There’s a long list of traditions for what a groom should wear. Don’t stress yourself, we got you.

Here are the ten must-haves for the modern groom.

1. The Suit

As the groom, all eyes will be on you and your partner on your wedding day, so of course, you want to look your best. Remember, your wedding is your first opportunity to show off your style as a couple, so make it a joint effort.

At the most basic level, your attire should be appropriate for your venue and match the overall vibe of the wedding. If your wedding is in the daytime or outdoors, you can wear something a bit more casual.

If it’s an evening affair in a ballroom or swanky hotel, go with either a dark, well-tailored suit or a tux.

2. The Wedding Rings

Technically the rings are your best man’s responsibility, but let’s be real: if they get lost, it falls on you, pal. And if your best man is still hungover from the night before, you may not even want him hanging onto the rings until necessary.

Wedding rings must be comfortable to wear and will last the test of time. There are rings designed for different lifestyles. Rings should be functional, without sacrificing sentiment.

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3. Pocket Squares

Pocket squares might be just this needed sophisticated and stylish thing that will add some personality and tie in wedding colors or motifs.

Whether it’s in polka dot print or matches his floral shirt, filled with flowers or feathers, we think an adorned pocket square is a great idea to spice up a traditional suit.

4. Cufflinks

You might think that the groom only needs to make one fashion choice for the big day, but that means you forgot about one tiny, but crucial detail: wedding cufflinks.

Just like the perfect pair of suspenders or fresh tie, cufflinks are a necessary accessory for grooms sporting a tuxedo or suit at the altar.

Besides, a set of cufflinks, no matter the style, lasts a lifetime so a quality pair is definitely worth the investment.

Several options allow grooms to customize their set with their initials or wedding date, as well as show off some of their favorite interests.

5. Bowtie or Necktie

Your neckwear will have a big impact on your wedding outfit, but choosing between a bow tie and a necktie doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as answering one question: Is this a formal wedding or a casual wedding?

Of the two options, neckties are the casual wedding tie choice. There are only a few scenarios (or dress codes) where a necktie would be out of place, so if your wedding vibe isn’t quite that serious, you’re in the clear to wear a necktie.

But it’s not the only casual choice. Bow ties are fine—though less common—for casual events, too, so the right option is the one that makes you feel comfortable.

6. The Shoes

The wedding day can be a nightmare for you if you can’t choose the right shoes, which is the most important accessory. Being the groom, you might be least bothered about your wedding footwear.

Whether you love a sophisticated pair of velvet loafers or you’re more of a classic leather oxfords type of guy, choose groom shoes that complement your taste.

It’s super important for you to feel confident on your big day, so opt for the wedding shoes that you think are stylish.

7. Belt

Choosing the right belt for your groomsmen can be tricky. You want something stylish and trendy but still appropriate for a wedding. If it is a formal affair, you will want to wear a belt that looks sophisticated.

If the wedding is more casual, you can get away with a less formal belt with more personality. Consider pairing a brown belt with a navy suit for a more casual look.

8. Socks

Traditionally, socks are one of the few areas of the groom’s attire where they can express their personality.

The most fundamental rule of thumb when it comes to picking the right pair of socks for a wedding is to coordinate the color of the trouser leg with the sock color.

That’s a play-it-safe gold styling rule if you’re ever in doubt. With a black tuxedo or suit, plain black socks might just be your best bet.

9. Handkerchief

Will the groom shed a tear on his wedding day?

As the bride walks down the aisle guests’ favorite thing to do is look at the groom waiting for her at the end. So a groom should tuck one in his back pocket. Just in case should the moment arises, pull it out.

10. Watch

Groom watches are common and should always be considered when looking for the perfect accessory to go along with a tux. The right piece will elevate the look.

Groom’s Wedding Attire Essentials

To sum up, it’s not just the bride’s attire that should be put into priority. The groom’s wedding attire should be also on the list.

It’s beneficial if the groom would step in. To relieve some of the pressure, the groom should decide what he wants. It must come to the understanding of the wedding planner.

The groom’s fashion preference should not be sacrificed for his comfort. Remember, everyone is watching the bride but the bride only sees the groom.

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