7 Fun Games to Play on School Computers


More than millions of adults or kids playing computer games splurge the kids for video games in a home as well as in educational institutes. Most of the countries now consider video games & fun activities a great medium of entertainment or education for kids.

This is the reason they include these education games in the curriculum to make the school learning process more fun or interesting. You might remember some of your old-school-time popular educational games which were not even blocked in the school computer labs.

Today we came up with an article containing a list of 7 games to play on school computers that can help your kids to learn new things in a positive learning environment.

Old Scenario about Playing Online Games In School

Earlier people usually thought that playing online games could be just a waste of time. It appears to everyone that while playing online games, kids haven’t learned anything & they could have done much better things with that wasted time like learning new skills, improving their grades & physical growth.

But now much research in the US proves that many online games can do much more than worse if used with the right approach.

These educational computer games can provide your kids a great way to have fun with their study syllabus or it can be more engaging as compared to our old style teaching in the classrooms. Interactive classes or environments help kids to think more innovatively or out of the box. You don’t even realize these games also develop different behavioral skills among your kids.

Neglected Benefits of Games To Play On School Computers

Sometimes we neglect the benefits of online games. Online games can do more good if kids have access to the close watch of parental control. But we often neglect the benefits of online games which are available on school desktops. Some of the benefits we have mentioned below make you rethink your decision if you are keeping your schools deprived of online educational games.

  • Improves the ability of the brain to function
  • Behavioral qualities like teamwork, leadership, etc.
  • Educate them on different topics
  • Job Skills
  • Improves health status of kids

Top 7 Games to Play on School Computers

Here is a list of 7 Interesting & Interactive games online that can make your kids learn:

  1. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

This was the most popular game during the ’90s & till now it never loses its craze. Want to know the reason behind the craze, it was the game based on Super Mario. This game needs a problem-solving approach by the player. Kids have to solve different puzzles to reach another level. It encourages their mind to look for different approaches to solve the different problem courses available in the levels.

You can add two players to this game now after the update. There are also reach different levels such as you can play like a beginner, intermediate or advanced. Adventurous mode is also available to play. Your kids can play these games on desktops, tablets, or mobile phones. The languages it supports are English, Spanish & French

  2. Bugdom

Bugdom is a great game platform for kids to play in school. This is one of the unblocked game websites for schools as it is automatically installed in most of the Mac desktops of primary schools. This is the platform-based game in which you play as a play bug.

It has a story that a kingdom named Bugdom is inhabited peacefully by many insects like ladybugs & rollie pollies. But the game starts when the kingdom was destroyed by King Thorax, leader of the evil side.

  3. Freddi Fish

Freddi Fish is a character-based, widely played game among many schools. It’s a videogame about a female character called Freddi Fish. There are a total of 8 versions that were launched in 1994. The main attraction of this game is Freddi Fish,  as it gains popularity because of her junior detective skills & brainy mind. Her best friend was named Luther.

The appearance of Freddi is yellowish fish with orange fins, defined eyebrows & a short tail. She plays comically hiding various sizable things behind her fins. This game creates a feeling of fun among kids.

  4. Animal Jam

Animal Jam is an educational game developed for kids aged 6 to 12. It has an online virtual world which is approved by the National Geographic Society. Kids learn here about various social elements, adventure, ecology & zoology along without any boring books. More than a million users are registered. You as parents provided with full control over playing games by your kids. You can pause the games whenever you want.

There are many great features of this game like no commercial ads will be there when you are playing & most importantly it’s free of cost. You kids can choose his/her favorite animal character or can personalize their den. They can play different quests & earn gems as rewards. During this game, they can learn amazing facts about the natural world.

  5. Thinkrolls 2

Thinkrolls 2  one of the most famous educational computer games developed for kids ages 3 to 8 years. It has levels that are based on physics. While playing this game your kids will have to use their knowledge of physics to keep going. These are the best features of the game as it is free of cost or no more ads in the app.

Each level makes them explore new science concepts & make them understand in a fun way. They can learn difficult topics like matter, gravity, force, or many more easily as compared to other ways. It also inculcates problem-solving or deductive reasoning techniques among them.

  6. Endless Alphabet

It is a game developed for the age of kids 1 to 3. It can help your kids learn basic ABC & complex sentences in a fun way. They can even learn to form complex sentences. This game has different puzzles that help children to read. They can remember words of different vocabulary or languages.

This way you can make your kid’s language learning fun & entertaining. Kids can learn various words & letters with animated illustrations & interactive puzzles. This app is free to play & can be installed on iOS devices & all your android mobile devices. Check out now!

  7. PBS Kids Games

PBS Kids is a platform that has more than hundreds of offline educational games which your kids can download or play later. Sometimes kids like to engage in particular kinds of games like wildlife, learning, cooking, or many more.

You don’t need an internet connection while playing these games online. For using PBS Kids download it. You can download your kid’s favorite character, video clips & full episodes online. Do check them out.

Damaging Effects Online Games To Play On School Computers

Yes, online games can help kids learn new concepts as well as make them learn new habits. But excessive use of online video games can be lethal. It creates an addiction among kids to play more which leads to other mental or health issues. Here is the list of issues you have to deal with as teachers if you try not to keep their online game access limited.

  • Poor Mental Health
  • Reduction In Physical Activities
  • Increasing Stress
  • Addiction to more playing online games
  • Poor Academic Grades
  • Kids start becoming introverts & try to keep a distance from the social gathering.
  • Not all games are educational so exposure to other war games.

FAQs about Games to Play on School Computers

What are some unblocked games at school?

There are many unblocked games during our school curriculum nowadays. Some of the games we have already mentioned above in our article. But there is a huge list like La Belle Lucie, Farm Mahjong, Bee English, Life Sudoku, Office Hidden Objects, Tower of Hanoi Solitaire, Coloring for Kids, Pizza Shop, or many more.

What games are free on school computers?

There are many popular games which are mostly free in schools & no teachers used them to block. We mostly play them on our school desktops. Check out these games & explore their different arenas without any premium accounts like Poptropica, QWOP, play retro games, CoolMath or The Impossible Quiz.

What games should I play at school?

Here is the list of games you can play in your school time or premises. Most schools have no restriction on playing these games online. Do check them out.

  • CodeCombat
  • Cities: Skylines
  • Minecraft: Education edition
  • Fortnite
  • Civilization VI
  • SiLAS
  • Offworld TRading Company

Can I play video games on my school laptop?

School computers are mostly capable of doing programming or school projects only. We are not able to run or install high-end PC games in them. So you can play those cards or flash games or if your school PCs are connected to the internet. But some of the schools provide access to educational games as well. So you can confirm this query from your school mentors.

Are such kinds of educational games are free for kids?

Yes, there are more than hundreds of educational games online that you can buy or install on your mobile devices or desktops. Even some of the games don’t even need an internet connection all the time. You can get parental access setting timer settings & many more features for free without purchasing any premium access.

Wrapping Up

We all know that online games can be a helpful as well as a damaging effect on our kids. So it’s a moral duty of teachers or parents to keep a close eye on your kids while playing more games online or what kind of games he or she is playing to monitor their overall growth.

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