What are the funny jokes to tell your crush?

jokes to tell your crush

When you try to reach out to your crush, it needs a lot of tact and understanding from your end. And the most awkward thing is to get into a comfortable zone with them. For this, you might have to try multiple things for breaking the ice and starting a date with them. After all, if you can see a bright future with them, isn’t it a great idea to woo them with your humour? So, here are the best funny jokes to tell your crush!

Things to keep in mind while sharing jokes with your crush!

If you are searching for jokes to tell your crush, there are a few things to keep in mind before you start with it. So, here are the top factors that can help you crack some interesting, funny jokes to tell your crush.

Pointers for jokes to tell your crush!

  • Frame a strategy- Every person pertains distinct wittiness, and it is vital to know someone well in advance before learning about things they find humorous. What instances or facts can bring a smile on their face? Also, pay close attention to her areas of interest and the type of things they like. Every person has some exclusive topics which make them laugh and try to figures out their favourite genres.
  • Focus on making your crush laugh- Passing on the jokes and humour is not an easy task. You have to confirm that your jokes are hilarious and will surely bring a smile on the face of your crush. Monotonous or boring and repetitive jokes cannot work well. Instead, try to add some funny elements and create new plots that can make your crush roll-off laughing.
  • Try to pick funny punches- While you search for jokes to tell your crush, it is imperative to opt for witty jokes. Try to come up with some smart punches that can make others laugh and smile. Several videos, books and blogs have multiple jokes that can add a spark to your romantic evening. Connecting or passing on your feelings with a powerful joke can surely enlighten the whole ambience for sure.
  • Practice in advance- Firstly, what type of humour can make your crush laugh is vital. The next point is to practice a lot before starting up with the actual joke session. You can tell the jokes in front of your friends or family who are good critics and help you come up with some fantastic ideas. If you fumble or get nervous during the jokes, then you might end up creating a mess in front of your crush. And it can be a blunder if you miss out on punch lines!
  • Hit the moment with a good joke- When you start up with funny jokes to tell your crush, an essential element is to attract and create a chemistry with good jokes. Hitting a funny joke on the right moment can help you to ease out the first date stress. And you could start up fresh on a good note for sure.

Expression in jokes to tell your crush

Sometimes, passing on the right joke excitingly can adequately present your flirtatious side. Passing on compliments like she has a cute face or sensuous eyes is possible through witty jokes. It might work as a cherry on the cake for your fascinating personality. Add some personalized touch to flaunt your humour instincts!

A bit of physical humour can also work great while sharing funny jokes with your crush. It can spark up the playful physical touch, which might help you get closer to your love. Hold them in a friendly way and fickle around their hair or ears for some added cosiness!


Jokes can be observational, humorous, sarcastic and even flattering depending on your choice of jokes to tell your crush. However, retain a thin line between sarcasm and remark or might hurt your date. Avoid jokes on their weight, colour or behavioural attributes. Instead, lighten up the ambience with a gentle smile on your face and avoid offensive discussions. With these tips, you can nail your date with the crush spreading snuggles and giggles all around!

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