Fun and Memorable Things to Do in Texas as Soon as You Arrive


Did you know that Texas is the second largest state by population and land area? If you are planning a summer road trip to this fun state, we are here to share some fun things to do in Texas to collect memorable experiences.

Read on to learn more before traveling to Texas.

Big Bend National Park

If you love nature, then you can’t skip out on Big Bend National Park. You have plenty of options whether you want to hit the hiking trails, camp, paddle on the Rio Grande or simply have a picnic. There are also hundreds of bird species, making it a wonderful birdwatching experience if you choose.

San Antonio’s River Walk

Along the San Antonio River, you can walk for miles and enjoy the unique shops and restaurants that line the river. The pedestrian walkway winds and weaves through the city, allowing you to walk while taking in the sights.

If you would rather not walk, you can opt for a cruise on a river boat instead. The river boats are run by individual companies, and they run at all different times, offering dinner cruises or sightseeing trips.

Stockyards in Fort Worth

In 1866 the Stockyards National Historic District was founded. This was where millions of cattle used to rest before being sorted and shipped out. Nowadays, this is an attraction where you can enjoy watching a concert, a rodeo, a theatrical performance or enjoy some western-themed shopping.

Make sure you check out the Stockyards Museum, which offers the history of the stockyard and the surrounding area of Fort Worth.

Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo

This is an iconic site in West Texas. There is a line of Cadillacs that are nose first into the ground that serve as a canvas for visitors. Bring some spray paint and choose a Cadillac to make your mark and design whatever you please.

Outside the gates to see these Cadillacs, there are local vendors that sell paint chips from the cars that have been set into jewelry. If you forget to bring a spray can of paint, people usually leave their unused spray cans on the ground for others to finish.

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Now You Have the Top Things to Do in Texas

With our list of things to do in Texas, you can now make an informed decision on the sites you definitely want to check out to have the best road trip. Have fun going to Texas and enjoy making memories with whomever you choose to travel with.

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