Top 5 Father Daughter Halloween costumes you should try right away


Daughters are their father’s princess and precious gifts. For a daughter, her father is her first hero, her man. Every moment they spend with their father means so much. Having the real father-daughter bond is so important and special.

Although there are so many memorable moments fathers and daughters spend with each other, dressing up for Halloween and going for trick-or-treating always tops the list.

Father daughter Halloween costumes are the best way to create memories and photograph them to recall them in the future. There are so many father daughter Halloween costumes that are becoming popular and are perfect for daddy’s girl and her old man.

In this blog, we have mentioned some of the best father daughter costumes for the father-daughter duo this Halloween. If you’d like to know about Oktoberfest costumes be sure to visit Blossom Costumes.

Dress your princess as one of the Disney princesses

No doubt a daughter is daddy’s princess. If your daughter is into princesses, you can step into the costume of a prince and treat her like your princess for one day. For example, Cinderella’s outfit can be an inspiration.

The father daughter costume can be of a prince-charming from Cinderella and the Cinderella. You can dress your daughter in a pretty frock, accessories, and cute shoes. At the same time, you can dress in formals like a prince and go for trick-or-treating with your princess.

Another popular father daughter costume is of beauty and beasts. Dress your daughter in a gorgeous gown inspired by the movie while you dress up as one of the royal and dance and go for trick-or-treating with her.

Other popular princess daddy-daughter costumes are Aladdin, the little mermaid, Repunzel, and much more.

Get ready for some action.

Suppose your daughter is not into princess movies and wants to dress and feel like a warrior. Do not worry. You can go with Action or wrestling duo costumes such as Star Wars, such as Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, Dragons love tacos, Joker, Harley Quinn, and Zootopia.

With these action sequence father daughter Halloween costumes, dads can turn their daughter’s action fandom into reality on Halloween. You can dress your daughter as Princess Leia or Sabine from the Rebel series.

Horror is thrilling

You are your daughter’s first hero, and if anything happens, she will always call for you. And you will dress like a ghostbuster, people in your locality will also call for you. If your daughter isn’t scared of ghosts, then ghostbuster is a perfect father daughter Halloween costume. Dress up like the Marshmallow Man, Slimer, or any favorite ghoul and go for trick-or-treating with your daughter.

Go all yellow with Minions.

 Your daughter is cute. Make them look the cutest in the crowd and let her rule the show for a day. Another best father daughter costume is of a minion. Dress like a supervillain Gru and dress your daughter, your partner, in the most adorable Minion costume. Team up, look the cutest and go for trick-or-treating.

Wizard of Oz

 Halloween is a fun festive, and no one will question the duo if she wears a pigtail. Wizard of Oz is everyone’s favorite. Make it more memorable by taking your dog with you. Wizard of Oz is one such movie where you can go for trick-or-treating as a family.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Undoubtedly, mickey mouse and Minnie mouse so everyone’s all-time favorite cartoon characters. We have all grown up watching it and enjoy watching it with our kids too. Personally, dressing up in a Mickey and Minnie mouse costume has been a dream. Let your and your daughter’s dreams turn into reality this Halloween.

Dress your daughter in the cutest Minnie Mouse costume, and you can dress like a Mickey mouse and go for trick-or-treating.


As a father, you need to spend most of your time with your daughter creating beautiful memories with her, especially on festivals like Halloween that will be cherished all life long by the both of you. Halloween is something kids look up to, and you can make it memorable by dressing in some funky, scary, and cute father-daughter costume and go around for trick-or-treating.

So, which character is your duo planning to dress up as this Halloween?

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